Data Scientist - Syslog Analysis with ELK in Algosystems SA

bởi MariosKaratiso

System log Data Analysis of devices in local network using the Elastic Stack. Gathering all log messages from devices in local network (routers, switches, servers, using Logstash) Analyzing categorizing and storing log data based on its significance (using Elastic Search) Visualizing the data (via Kibana)

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I am Marios Karatisoglou, a Machine Learning engineer with a Bachelor degree in Computer Science. My experience involves working on classification/regression problems using Python, R and other state-of-the-art environments (e.g. Weka). Since in many occasions my job is to develop automation scripts, I've become very fluent with scripting languages, especially Python. For more information about me do not hesitate to contact me and ask anything, I am user friendly :)

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