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A Contemporary Romance penned for an popular fiction Genre -- Genre/Sub Genre(s): Billionaire, First-Time Love, Royal(s). Excerpt: Cristal wanted to believe Pascal was different from most men. Or at least, it was what she wanted to believe. ***** Not everybody ran around in a tricked out Tesla, that cost more probably than she ever dared hope to make. “We've been through this. I’ve got to pick up Chip.” Cristal slid her shawl around her slim shoulders before she felt them suddenly slump. She glanced at the back seat of her car and at her tonne of clothes and the hand me downs from her son she hadn’t had time to unpack. The shadow of Pascal’s lengthy frame filled up the rear door window while Cristal spied his Colgate grin with perfect teeth. “I'll walk you to your car.” She felt Pascal’s naked arm brush over hers and the heat from his touch made her flush hotter than sin.

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