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More than a technology or technique, or even a mere model, DevOps is a whole culture. It belongs to the new era of continuous software delivery. Blending concepts from lean production, continuous integration and deployment, DevOps definitely brings value. DevOps is important. But why then? Is it just because of the culture, technology or model? Why is it that most have adopted it in their system? As you read on, you will have the opportunity to answer those questions. Ten minutes max, and you will understand why DevOps has earned its importance.

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An analytic and empathic freelancer. I'm a person with numerous qualities turning around; blog/web/article writing, SEO report with strategy, internet Marketing, logo design, French-English Translation entrepreneurship, and food processing. My entrepreneurship profession is the source of my broad skillsets. Very business inclined, with good knowledge of business analysis and management. Due to my experience as an entrepreneur, and my advanced academic background; technical, blogging, or website writing are domains I excel at. Proofreading, paraphrasing, and translation (French to English) equally belong to my various skill sets. As a food process engineer, I offer skills in scientific subjects like biochemistry and many others. I equally offer very good services in project management, new product development, and quality control management. My motivation resides in bringing added value to your aspirations. I'm here to serve, my sole interest is to help you attain your objectives.

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