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www.togetherforgirls.org web site

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I touched my first computer 26 years ago, one TK90X that my mom bought to me to play games. The games weren't so good and then I started to write code in basic and Z80 assembler. After four years, in 90, I started to work on a video store close to my home "programming" in Clipper Summer 87 - at that time I didn't had a clue of what it was but the owner decided to hire me even without previous experience. I stood coding in xbase (clipper, joinner, dbase and variants) for almost 4 years, then came C and Pascal 5.5 (where I learned my O.O. concepts). In 94 I started to work as self employee and passed by a bunch of companies doing more code (VB3-6, VC++, sybase, oracle 7.3), coordinating developers and doing analysis. In 2004 I started to code in java and since then I'm trying to keep working as system architect and to improve my skills. I also did a lot of work that I forgot or that I don't like to mention... I'm skilled on systems analysis, requirements, data modeling, documentation and architecture (OO with UML and Structured). Worked on RUP and CMMI customizations. Elaboration of manuals, courses and training. Implantation and integration of ERP systems (BPCS, Forecast and Microsiga). Technical coordination and leadership of development teams. Pro-activity on research and development of tools and support libraries. Mentoring and quality focused. 21 years of experience on development and maintenance of systems in several programming languages and system architectures for telecom (route planning, ticketing, billing, workflow, credit score and commissions); consulting (software factory); universities (online application, tests and courses); banking (document archive, financial planning resources, credit approval and charging); collaboration, intranet and internet portals (IIS, Apache and Tomcat) among others. Specialist on development of solutions with open source tools for Internet and client/server using distributed components (Spring, J2EE, COM and DCOM).

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