stored procedure to insert emails while varifing it

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stored procedure to insert emails while varifing it

create procedure sp_Valid_Emails --@Lname varchar(25), --@Fname varchar(25), --@Mname varchar(20), --@Email varchar(50) as begin if exists(Select * From dbo.tbl_Daily_Emails) Insert into dbo.tbl_Valid_Emails Select Lname, Fname, Mname, Email From tbl_Daily_Emails Where CHARINDEX(&#039;.&#039;,REVERSE(LTRIM(RTRIM(Email)))) IN (3, 4) AND CHARINDEX(&#039;@&#039;,(LTRIM(RTRIM(Email)))) <> 0 AND LEN(LTRIM(RTRIM(Email))) - LEN(REPLACE(LTRIM(RTRIM(Email)),&#039;@&#039;,&#039;&#039;)) = 1 AND CHARINDEX(&#039; &#039;,(LTRIM(RTRIM(Email)))) = 0 AND CHARINDEX(&#039;/&#039;,(LTRIM(RTRIM(Email)))) = 0 AND CHARINDEX(&#039;.&#039;,(LTRIM(RTRIM(Email)))) - CHARINDEX(&#039;@&#039;, (LTRIM(RTRIM(Email)))) > 1 Else Insert into dbo.tbl_NotValid_Emails select Lname, Fname, Mname, Email From tbl_Daily_Emails

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