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$75 USD / giờ
$75 USD / giờ
Hiện ở đây là 9:16 CH
Đã tham gia vào ngày tháng 7 20, 2022
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Anna K.


2,4 (1 nhận xét)
$75 USD / giờ
$75 USD / giờ
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Import - Export and Logistics Services

1. Who I am ? My name is Anna K. and I'm Polish living in Switzerland where I've been working in Import-Export area for 8 years and since 01.08.22 as a self employed. 2. Why to choose me ? - First of all, because I’m a very polyvalent, perseverant and meticulous person. - Secondly, because I know how and where to look for information that I do not know in order to provide you the best quality of service. - Finally, because I’m also the person who put a lot of attention to details and who unsure that my job is correctly done in compliance with international rules and laws. 3. Professional experience : a) I have 15 years of total professional expérience that I acquired in 3 different countries such as : • Poland ( 1 year) in export of the sofas to EU countries • France (5,5 years) in office’s Account’ Management of 100 small size medium companies in pallets indutry. • Switzerland ( 8 years) in Import & Export and International transport (sea, air, road and express) and in import-export formalities : b) in different types of companies such as: a start-up, SMEs and multi-national companies; c) in different industries such as: drones, industrial inks, furniture, factory's spare parts and products' handling; pharmaceutical industry; in the raw materials sector such as : spices or rubber; in the stainless steel. 4. My mission is: • to carry out customs formalities for import and export flows ; • to anticipate and resolve shipping problems related to import and export; • to save companies time to the compagnies by simplifying their procedures and the quality of work; • to respect the deadlines; 5. How : With an analytical and proactive mind, I work to anticipate problems, optimize tasks and put in place preventive actions. I am very oriented towards clients satisfaction and all steakholders by listening and understanding their needs. I am an organized, meticulous and versatile person.
Freelancer Product Sourcing Experts Switzerland

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Lọc nhận xét theo: 2,4
$400,00 USD
Difficult to communicate with. Sends extremely many messages in chat, so if you are going to hire someone to reduce the workload, this is not the freelancer for you. Is engaged in the assignment and delivers reasonable results. Mess with hours and payment.
Product Sourcing Supplier Sourcing Shipping Containers International Shipping
Cờ của Olav E. @olav1
4 tháng trước

Kinh nghiệm

Supply Chain Coordinator

Tiffin Metal Porducts Switzerland Gmbh
thg 7 2021 - thg 7 2022 (1 năm)
Organization and follow up of the sea, air and road transport ; Preparation of Export the documents and ensuring their compliance with international trade; Providing the import instructions to the freight forwarders with regards to incoming shipments; Establishment of shipping procedures ; Ensuring a good conexion between the external suppliers, des freight forwarders and the customers; Ensuring that all sales, and stocks levels are well updated in GSS ;

Supply Chain Coordinator

Tiffin Metal Products Switzerland
thg 7 2021 - thg 7 2022 (1 năm)
Organisation of transport by sea, road and air.

Celgene International Sàrl (NE)

Bristol Myers Squibb
thg 4 2020 - thg 12 2020 (8 tháng, 2 ngày)
✓ Preparation of the shipping planning ; ✓ Communication and control the good planning execution to the stakeholders ; ✓ Following up the release of raw materials, bulks semi-finished and fnished products with the Quality Assurance ; ✓ Preparation of the documentation relative to shipments ; ✓ Following up each shipment until delivery ; ✓ Coordination of the transfer or return between warehouses in collaboration with the Warehouse teams;

Học vấn

Master in Business Administration

Institut d'Administration des Entreprises, France 2005 - 2007
(2 năm)

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