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Cờ của Germany Waldfeucht, Germany
Làm thành viên từ Ngày 03 tháng 02 năm 2006
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Resume of Stijnen A.J.M. (Male) Date of birth 10-18-1955 Place of birth Swalmen (The Netherlands) Nationality Dutch Domicile Stationsweg 73 6065EH, Montfort Languages English, German, Dutch, Letzburgish,French (little) Status Married to: E.J.M. Maassen, female 05-01-1950 Child: K.W.E. Stijnen, female 09-22-1991 Positions Lecturer, Project Manager/System Designer/ Analyst-Progammer/Database administrator Education Electro technical Engineering levels: Lower (LTS-P, LTS-T) Middle (MTS) High (HTS Bachelor’s degree)Chemical Operator (VAPRO)Open university Technical Science with specialization Computer ScienceTeaching Job Education SOFTWARE Cobol Programmer (Philips)MVS-XA (IBM)OS-VS (IBM)TSO-ISPF (IBM)DOS-VSE, SYSTEM IPO-E (IBM)ICCF (IBM)JCL (DOS-VSE OS-VS) (IBM)SDM (DSM)CICS (IBM)VSAM (IBM)NATURAL VSAMNATURAL (ALL RELEASES 1+ 2) (VOLMAC)PREDICT (ALL RELEASES) (VOLMAC)ADABAS (ALL RELEASES) (VOLMAC)NATURAL CONSTRUCTCLIST (IBM)ASSEMBLER (4331) (IBM)FORTRAN (AMBI)ON-DEMAND (Data-analyzer) Job Education METHODS JACKSON STRUCTURED PROGRAMMING (PHILIPS)SADT-INFOMOD information Modeling (PHILIPS)TECHNICAL DESIGN 1 + 2 (VOLMAC)FUNCTIONAL DESIGN (VOLMAC) Job Education PERSONAL COMPUTER Visual BasicHTMLIXpressWordPerfect (4.x - 6.x)Lotus 1-2-3Dbase III- IVMULTIMATEFLOWABC-FlowDesign-1 (REXX look a like)MS-DOS ([login to view URL] - [login to view URL])OS/2Natural WorkbenchNatural LightstormVisual Basic 4.2Visual basic 5.0SQL server 6.5 Software working experience (self educated, besides above mentioned) NATURAL OPCOPREDICT CASEPowerbuilderADABAS /Natural PC-PRODUCTS (Windows + OS/2)Windows (+NT)MS-EXELLMS-ACCESNOVELLUNIXDB-artisanSP-assist Hardware AMDAHLIBM 30xx + 43xxUNIVAC U1100WANG 5440Siemens BS2000 Data communication CICSVTAMNOVELL Experience since 1980 On-site working experience Overview Employer Self employed, own company Company Various Period 02-98 –12-2005 Positions General manager, Sales, Customer Support Computer IBM Mainframe, PC Program. Languages Natural, Adabas, Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0, ASP, SQL databases, Visual basic, PHP, Software Activities Various activities: Development and design of company own products such as: Hector surveillance system BIOS Business management software CPCN mailing programAcquisition of projects, and placement of IT-personnel (posting)Setup of education programs, Recognize and develop new markets and opportunities. On-site working experience Overview Employer Kas Association Amsterdam Company Banking Period 05-99 – 08-99 Positions Manager System Services Computer IBM Mainframe, PC Program. Languages Natural, Adabas, Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0, ASP, Broker, Entire-X Software Activities SupportVarious activities: Setup of Systems Services Department. Determine and write mid term information plan for System Services Department. Develop and setup of Courseware and [login to view URL] a permanent head of System Services DepartmentInvestigate technical problems regarding performance of various applications. Trouble shooting Employer Philips RSO Europe Company Philips Various offices Europe Period 02-98 – 05-99 Positions Senior Consultant / Manager EDI / Adabas DBA Computer IBM Mainframe, PC Program. Languages Natural, Visual Basic 5.0, Adabas, Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0 Natural lightstorm Software Activities VariousVarious activities at customers sites, such as: Design and implementation of various reporting subsystems Pilot and production Implementation of new EDI system for Philips EuropeAdabas DBA Trouble shooting Development of an automated fax and E-mail package in natural Lightstorm, using lotus Notes, and Netscape. Employer SOURCE SERVICES Corporation Company Various Period 06-97 – 02-98 Positions Senior Consultant Computer IBM Mainframe, PC Program. Languages Natural, Visual Basic 5.0, Adabas, Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0 Software Activities VariousVarious activities at customers sites, such as: DBA Adabas, Specialist Interfaces Adabas/Natural and Cobol/IMS/Vsam environment. Ongoing Development of a Commercial Website, User-interface in Visual Basic 5.0, Web enabling with FrontPage, Database in SQL server 6.5. Employer SOFTWARE AG Minneapolis Company Various Period 07-95 - 05-97 Positions Senior Consultant ADABAS/NATURAL, troubleshooter North Americas and Mexico for Adabas databases and Natural programming. Test coordinator new applications Computer IBM Mainframe, Sun-mini, PC Progr. Languages Natural, Visual Basic, REXX, iXpress, Adabas D, Adabas C, Windows NT 4.0, Visual Basic, ASP, SQL, Apache, Unix Software Activities Various activities at customers sites, such as: Establishing, programming an implementing [login to view URL], and programming of software AG’s Web [login to view URL] an ADABAS/D database to the Internet Site using [login to view URL] programs, including Novell functionality’s, from OS/2 REXX to Visual Basic, and implementing these visual basic programs into a Natural PC (Windows NT) [login to view URL], programming, and implementation of a printing system for Laser (Xerox) printing, including laser printer commands and forms. Employer FREE-LANCE via AB software/CSS Company European Parliament Luxembourg (Luxembourg) Period 04-94 - 06-95 Positions Troubleshooter Automation Services,Project leaderADABAS/NATURAL -Consultant Computer Siemens BS2000, Bull-mini, Sun-mini Progr. Languages Natural Software ADABAS, WordPerfect-Mail Activities Troubleshooter Automation services. Connection ADABAS/NATURAL Mainframe to WP-MAIL on SUN [login to view URL] of a system that sends automatically generated messages (with or without attached files) from the Mainframe to the PC of users connected to [login to view URL] of an application in which interpreters, meetings and all related activities are planned and maintained for the complete Parliament in Luxembourg, Brussels and Strasbourg, for all the connected [login to view URL] GefiniManagement of payments of Free-Lance Interpreters, Finalization of the administrative procedures in collaboration with the responsible staff and other involved parties. Terminate programming, implement, and [login to view URL] GetecoImplementation of the management of technical [login to view URL] of the Commissions [login to view URL] existing systems for the handling of all meetings of the European Commission in Luxembourg. Quality [login to view URL] up Quality assurance procedures, and programming [login to view URL] and support staff. Employer Oord Automation Hoofddorp The Netherlands Company Dutch telephone (PTT) The Hague (The Netherlands) Period 02-93 - 04-94 Positions Manager ad interim Database Services,Project leaderOperational Group-leader project-assistanceADABAS/NATURAL-Consultant Computer IBM 3090, IBM 4381, PC Program. Languages Natural, Cobol, SAS, MS-ACCESS Software RACF, SAS, ADABAS/natural for Windows, Natural connection, Novell, MS-ACCESS Activities Database services (maintain + Develop)Supervising a group of 10 DBA’[login to view URL] management: setting protocols for [login to view URL] assurance Project Leader project Efficiency improvement [login to view URL] target of this project was to reduce the costs of operations of the operational systems and applications. This was done by performing an efficiency and performance check on all operational applications (ADABAS/Natural and others).By implementing the suggested upgrades, a saving of approx. $ 2.000.000/y was achievedProject Leader project Investigation decentral developmentTarget of this project was to investigate how, and with what products you should develop applications in Cobol and Natural in a Client/Server [login to view URL] leader project Restructure Test-environmentThe target of this project was to produce a MVS-XA machine equal to, but smaller then the Production-environment machines (Technically and Structural the same) in order to be able to test new Middleware and investigate the impact of this new middleware on the existing [login to view URL]:Educate and support [login to view URL] in-house analyses, design, and programming course for programmers, senior programmers and DBA’s Employer Oord Automation Hoofddorp The Netherlands Company Belgium Police Brussels (Belgium) Period 10-92 - 02-93 Positions System Designer, Database DesignerProgrammer ADABAS/ Natural Computer IBM 3090, PC Progr. languages Natural, Natural-OS/2 (PC) Software Natural connection Activities Design and realization of Customs System for all border trespassing activities,This completely new design system was targeted to support all activities that are necessary when people enter or leave the country.A main criteria was that this system should completely fit in the international legislation and the newly Treaty of SchengenIn order not to disturb present applications, and to be able to present a turn-key solution, the complete application was developed on PC using NATURAL-OS/2 Employer OORD Automation Hoofddorp The Netherlands Company PolyGram Records Baarn The Netherlands Period 11-91 - 10-92 Positions Project leader, System designer,ADABAS/NATURAL-Consultant, Programmer Computer IBM 3090, IBM 4381, Siemens BS2000 Program. Languages Natural, Cobol, (CICS) Software Activities Database AdministratorLogical and Physical design of a database that should contain all data of contracts, records. copy-rights, repertoire, and financials of artists under contract with [login to view URL] leader project Conversion [login to view URL] target of this project was to convert all data concerning Artists from the existing three applications into one ADABAS/[login to view URL] main problem doing this was that the data of the three systems that had to be converted was located on three Different machines, using different database system:IRIS-oldArtist and repertoire-data on BS2000 using [login to view URL], managing and copyright data on PC written in [login to view URL] (also codes) could be keyed-in in a free-format style. This made it necessary that the conversion system could not only recognize and translate codes etc., but also correct automatically typing and other [login to view URL] Cards /red booksArtist and recording data in a manual system. A data-entry system was developed to key-in all [login to view URL] and support staff in using Natural efficiently. Employer OORD Automation Hoofddorp The Netherlands Company Software AG Brussels, Brussels (Belgium) Period 05-91 - 11-91 Positions System Designer, programmer Computer Wang 5440 [login to view URL] Natural Software Predict Case Activities Design and programming of an automated Assembly and PARTS manual as a knowledge base for the OTIS elevator company. A problem criterion was that besides the natural system, also all graphical possibilities of the WANG computer should be integrated in the system. Therefore it should be possible within the natural application to: Scan images Show images Print images Explode assembled parts Implode single part into assembled part Compile and send telefax and telex messages Use Wang office Others Educate and train staff in efficient programming and design. Quality assurance. Development of a word-processor in Natural. Optimize the Command-processor developed by Software AG. Employer OORD Automation Hoofddorp The Netherlands Company Nissan Motor Parts Amsterdam (The Netherlands) Period 06-90 - 05-90 Positions Project leader, designer, programmer,ADABAS/NATURAL-Consultant Computer IBM 4381 Program. Languages Natural Software CICS, VTAM Activities Project leader project EC-Pricing Control The target of this project was to develop an automated price-simulation system. This system could by entering a few Market-depending parameters, determine the price of apart to the end-user-user without too big fluctuations of that price. Other Develop an in-house ADABAS/Natural course. Train staff. Support project Work Customer friendly Employer Dutch State Mines Company Dutch State Mines (DSM) Research (The Netherlands) Period 06-88 - 06-90 Positions Manager Automation Services / Project planning Computer AMDAHL Program. Languages Natural 1 + 2, COBOL, (CICS) Software CICS, VTAM, VSAM, NAM, CLIST, PREDICT Activities Functional an operational supervision of several groups. Supervising a group of 35 programmers. Crisis management. Quality assurance. Problem areas: PROPHILE: A Philips development in COBOL-CICS that was connected to: Absence/presence, a registration tool developed in ADABAS/Natural. SAP, a financial application. Procedures/CLISTS Analyst / Programmers development - Supervise 12 analyst/programmers - Coordinate their workload - Implement new releases Application-control Supervise maintenance on existing applications, functional as well as technical, done by 3 DBA’s, 7 functional designers and 13 programmers. Employer Dutch State Mines Company Dutch State Mines (DSM) Research (The Netherlands) Period 06-86 - 06-88 Positions System Designer Personal and finance Computer AMDAHL Pro. Languages NATURAL 1 +2, COBOL (CICS) Software CICS, VTAM, VSAM, NAM, CLIST, PREDICT Activities Responsible for the complete analyses, design and programming of: Internal factoring financial system Personal registration and information system Health and security system Area’s Ergonomics, user-friendly, possibilities of integration with other systems. Supervising 5 analyst/programmers Company Dutch State Mines (DSM) Head office (The Netherlands) Period 06-84 - 06-86 Positions System Maintainer Computer AMDAHL, IBM 4381 Program. Languages Natural 1 + 2 COBOL (CICS) Software CICS, VTAM, VSAM, NAM, CLIST, PREDICT Activities Maintaining existing applications Crisis solving Quality assurance Maintain documentation Maintain DATA-ANALYZER Functional design, technical design, and programming of Salary system managing staff. Interfacing programs. Conversion of Cobol-CICS systems to ADABAS/Natural. Migrate systems from IBM 4381 to AMDAHL. Employer Dutch State Mines Company Dutch State Mines (DSM) Head office (The Netherlands) Period 01-80 - 06-84 Positions System maintainer/programmer Computer IBM 4381, IBM 4331 Program. Languages COBOL (CICS), COBOL, FORTRAN, ASSEMBLER Software CICS, VTAM, VSAM Activities Maintaining PERSONIS personal system. Crisis solving. Maintain documentation. Maintain DATA-ANALYZER. Interfacing programs. System programming IBM 4331 Migrate systems from IBM to IBM 4381 SPARE TIME ACTIVITIES Company SITE evening school (High school) Period 05-88 - 06-91 Position Teacher Mathematics, Physics, Automation Company IBASS Period 06-1997 - Present Day Position Developer Company sales and Marketing Website. DEVELOPED COURSES ADABAS/Natural design and programming (beginners) ADABAS/Natural design and programming (seniors) Database-design (beginners + seniors) Designing user-friendly dialogs. Human-machine relationships. Technical design of applications. Structured programming.
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