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ANINDYA CHOWDHURY Experience Summary Six years of experience in software development following the processes of SDLC, specially conversant at Requirements Analysis, Technical Design, System Modeling and Development. Proficiency is in Java related technologies and Database. © Working experience in Java, SQL, Lotus Notes/ Domino © Working experience in Oracle 8.0, 8i & 9i, SQL Server 7.0, Sybase 12.0 © Knowledge of Entity Relationship Diagrams and Data Flow Diagrams and Object Oriented Analysis & Design (UML) for System Design. © Experience with Windows-NT 4.0/95/ 2000 Server, Linux. Technical Skills Internet Technologies : Java Servlets, JSP, EJB, ASP Languages : Lotus Notes Formula and Scripting, Java, Java Swing, JavaScript Markup Languages : HTML, XML, CSS Application Server : BEA Weblogic 5.1, 6.1 & 7.0, Websphere 5.0, Netscape 3.5.1, Oracle 9i AS Web Servers : Java Webserver 2.0, Apache-Tomcat 4.0.2 RDBMS : Oracle 8.0,8i & 9i, SQL Server 7.0, Sybase 12, Interbase 5.1 GroupWare : Lotus Notes R5 & R6 Domino Plugin : Jrun 3.1 Development Tools : Front Page 2000, Dreamweaver 4.0, Cygwin IDEs : IBM Visual Age 3.5, JBuilder 8.0, JDeveloper, IntelliJ IDEA, WSAD Project Management : MS Visual Source safe, Perforce, PCVS, Win CVS, Team track, Team Studio Design Methodology : UML using Rational Rose Professional J Edition, AgroUML Data modeling tool : Erwin, DBArtisan 7.2.1 Testing Methodology : JUnit, Rational Robot (got training) Operating Systems : Windows NT/2000 Server, Windows 95/ XP, Linux. Domains/ Areas Insurance Banking Services Contract Management Supply Chain Management B2B Portal Genomics Share Trading EXPERIENCE: Projects worked on (i) Personal Umbrella Liability System Mar’04 – Till date Location : Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., Calcutta Client : AIG, Hawaii Description : The customer sends signed quote application and payment to AIG office in-coordination with Call center/Agency representatives. Documents are scanned and attached to the quote by the operation group. In AIGM, premium accounting will apply the payment on quote while in AIGH, the payment will be applied on policy. In AIGM, Underwriter review is not required; operation will convert the quote to Policy. In Hawaii, Underwriter will convert the Policy after document review. When a quote will be converted or rejected, an automatic notification will be sent to accounting group. For all rejected applications, refund request will be sent to ‘Billing System’ in AIGM while in case of Hawaii, premium accounting will refund the same Cheque. Customer calls AIG office to make changes in existing PUL policy. Call center/Agency representative searches the policy information and enters updated info. System decided whether re-rating is required for this updated info or not displaying current and new premium. Call center/Agency will inform the customer about new premium and may refer for Underwriter review. After review, Call center representative/ Underwriter will submit changes for endorsement DEC. Policy renewal can also be done through this system. Responsibilities: © Preparing High level Design (HLD) documents. © Taking part in system development © Unit testing Position : Module Leader Environment : JSP, JavaScript, Jakarta Struts1.1, Java, Eclipse, Websphere 5.0, Oracle 9i. Team size : 20 (ii) Private Banking Nov’04 – Feb’05 Location : Cognizant Technology Solutions (P) Ltd., Calcutta Client : JPMorgan Chase, New York Description : JPMorgan Private Bank is a global wealth management leader that delivers the highest quality advice, service, capabilities and products to high net worth individuals and families in 36 countries around the world. Some of the applications for specific operations as follows:- Access Persons Reporting Database - This database is used by designated Access Person as a medium of transaction for receiving notification both on a quarterly and annual basis. There are three types of forms - Initial, Annual and Quarterly which are non-editable after submission. Only the Administrator can partially edit them. There is provision of copying specified answers from a previously submitted form to a new one. The submitted forms are periodically archived to an Archive database based on criteria. Gift and Entertainment Database - This database provides Authorization Request flow in accordance with the JPMFAM Conflicts of Interest Policy, JPMorganChase Worldwide Rules of Conduct etc. After an employee fills out Authorization form, Logic tests are run and any true items are then forwarded to next step. If the items are all false, then they are “auto-logged” into the DB and an email receipt is sent to the employee. Review is carried out by Group Head, Senior Manager, Corporate Secretary and approval/denial emails are sent to the appropriate persons. PB Marketing Materials - This database provide options to begin a new tailored presentation, submit an edit cycle for tailored/generic presentation, submit a Print Request and search the database as well. This database catalogs & manages the production of marketing and presentation materials for JPMorgan Bank. MST Outside Alliances - The purpose of this database is to serve as a repository for all Outside Fund Alliance information and communication. Forms like Call Report, Fund Correspondence, Fund Closing, Manager Presentations etc can be created and viewed under respective views. Responsibilities: © Requirement Analysis and Design © Estimation and Development © Code review and Unit testing Position : Application Lead Environment : Lotus Notes 5.0.11 & 6.5.5 /Domino, Lotus Script, @Formulas, HTML, JavaScript, Java, Team Studio Configurator, VSS, Sybase 12.5. Team size : 12 (iii) Investment Private Banking May’04 – Oct’04 Location : Cognizant Technology Solutions (P) Ltd., Calcutta Client : JPMorgan Chase, Geneva Description : JPMorgan Private Bank delivers highly customized and tailored solutions to help clients with the many complexities they face by leveraging all of the commercial and investment banking capabilities of the firm. There are lots of applications integrated for specific operations as follows:- Fee is an application that calculates the fee charged by JPMorgan for managing the assets of the client or providing service needed by the client. The scope of the application is limited to calculation of periodic fee. The ONV is a subsystem which net/group together the orders for Equity, Fixed Income, Fund, Swap and FX trades generated by the GRT system together prior to sending them onto the required third party systems for execution. Equities, Fixed Income, Swaps and FX trades are sent to COMET, Funds orders are sent to FETA or CUTAS. These third party systems do the actual trading and return trade details and confirmations to ONV. The messages are stored, the results of which are used in the ventilation process. Finally these orders are booked into Olympic via the InProcessor system. Global Rebalancing Tool (GRT) is an Order Entry system for Equity securities, Fixed Income securities, in house and third party funds, close-ended investment trusts and some spot FX transactions. GRT performs asset and currency allocation analysis on portfolios in order to calculate the Portfolio's deviation from the strategic normal (benchmark) and tactical view for a given investment objective. In addition, GRT provides a wide range of position, trading and risk management reporting. Responsibilities: © Bug fixing and enhancement of existing application. © Preparing Analysis Report and test cases © Unit testing Position : Application Lead Environment : Java 1.3.1, Java Swing, NetBeans 3.4.1, PVCS, Sybase 12 on Windows 2000 Server. Team size : 4(overall size – 40) (iv) Contract Management System Oct’03 – Apr’04 Location : Atos Origin, Mumbai Client : diCarta, USA. Description : The objective of this system is to process a contract with a trading partner electronically in diCarta contracts. This system deals with different types of contracts like File contract, Author contract, Quote etc. The major options available in case of each contract are Execute a Contract, Withdraw a Contract or Notify. Any contract can be obtained from the repository using the Search option. Access level is provided to different groups of users to maintain security based on which one can perform different operations. There is also an option to Restore a withdrawn contract. It has been customize through different versions and releases. Responsibilities: © Bug fixing and enhancement of existing application. © High level design changes (as and when required) © Unit testing Position : Module Leader Environment : Java, JSP, EJB, Weblogic 7.0, IntelliJ IDEA, Jakarta Struts 1.1, Javascript, Perforce, Team track, Cygwin, Oracle 9i RDBMS on Windows 2000 Server. Team size : 15 (v) Global Resourcing System June’03 – Sept’03 Location : ACS Ltd., Navi Mumbai Client : Maharastra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) Description : The primary objective of the Global Resourcing System is to ensure the administration of standard resourcing policies, centralize the collection and maintenance of employee records, and automate as much of the process as possible. This system allows creating, monitoring, and routing of the resource applications from the applicants to the acting supervisors in the department and to the administrator of the Human Resources Department. The Global Resourcing System enables employees with capabilities to submit resource requests online, view the status of the requests using notes client interface, relieving the Human Resources Department from time-consuming inquiries. The application provides a quick and efficient validation method that saves precious time and eliminates a cumbersome paper process. Also, enabling the supervisor to approve online requests saves management time. It gives Human Resource administrators the ability to review, edit, and approve requests from any location by using a standard notes client. Responsibilities: © Coding and Testing © Implementation Position : Team Member Environment : Lotus Domino R5, Windows NT Team Size : 5 (vi) Biceps2 - Supplier Management Feb’03 - May’03 Location : ACS Ltd., Navi Mumbai Client : OMI, USA Description : This is part of an integrated application developed to provide end-to-end supply chain management enabling enterprise-wide procurement, e-procurement, warehouse management systems, and specialized order management with real-time product visibility throughout an organization. The different modules are Create, View, Update and Browse. The Create Module has two options like Create a new supplier, Copy from an existing supplier depending upon supplier number, facility and supplier type. In the View module, a supplier is viewed based on supplier number, facility show criteria and supplier type. The view module includes General Information, Shipping, Ordering, Brackets, Costing, EDI, Remarks and Client Area. Responsibilities: © Designing of front-ends © Develop the use case and class diagrams © Component development- Create Supplier, View Supplier, Update Supplier, Browse Supplier etc. © Unit testing and integration testing Position : Consultant Environment : JSP, EJB, Developer 8.0, Weblogic 7.0, Jakarta Struts1.1, Oracle 8i RDBMS on Win NT. Team size : 12 (vii) Bynx Title and Licensing Project Oct’02 – Jan’03 Location : EON Technologies, New Delhi Client : Bynx, USA Description : The method or system to handle title and licensing (TAL) within any US company must be extremely comprehensive in order to cover all aspects of valid & complex processes required within USA. The essential nature of TAL required in USA is not difficult for implementing in a particular municipality, state or country. The complexity and administration problem occurs due to the fact that licensing authorities have their own rules .It is normal that all vehicles purchased by a leasing company need to be titled in the leasing company name. These vehicles are re-titled when sold. In addition all units need to be registered. In most cases they are re-registered once or more, whilst they are under control of leasing company. Vehicles are normally titled & registered in state/country where they are kept. Due to these varied requirements system is often a process control and recording module. The system must predict title & licensing events as well as define document requirements in a particular sequence. Responsibilities: © Designing of front-ends © Component development- fee calculator, title location, title holder, transaction status etc. Position : Team member Environment : JSP, EJB, Java Visual Age 3.5, Oracle HTTP Server, Oracle 9i AS, Jakarta Struts 1.02 (MVC), Oracle 8i RDBMS on Windows NT. Team size : 15 (viii) Coal NET Project Apr’02 – Sep’02 Location : TCG Software Services Pvt. Ltd., Calcutta Client : Coal India Ltd. (CIL) Description : With operations split across multiple subsidiaries, CIL wants to have an integrated and seamless flow of information between the holding company and its eight subsidiaries located across the country, to aid in effective and timely decisions. It also wants buyers, suppliers, carriers to effectively conduct business over the internet. To address the above mentioned requirements, CIL proposed to create i) Application Suite has following components: HR Management, Production, Materials, Equipment, Finance, Project Monitoring, Sales & Distribution. ii) B2B portal : Buyers, suppliers and carriers can conduct business over the B2B portal. Access is restricted to registered users. The portal also has an unrestricted information area for researchers. The brief description of module ‘Financial Information System (FIS)’, where I am involved, is given below: FIS is an integrated online business accounting system designed as multi-tier web application for distributed computing which will be handling financial accounting, costing and budgeting, payables, receivables, cash, bank, fixed assets and payroll. Responsibilities: © Designing of front ends as well as storing data © System Development : General Ledger, Accounts payable and receivables, fund management, payroll etc. Position : Team member Environment : JSP, JDBC, Java, J Developer, VSS 6.0, Oracle 9i AS, Oracle 8i on Windows NT Team size : 60 (ix) Genome Functional Unit, CSIR (India) July’01 – Mar’02 Location : Centre for Biotechnology, New Delhi, India. Project : Proteome Profiling in Silico Description : Creation of an exhaustive database for proteomics containing the physico-chemical and biochemical properties which can store 80 million data. The database is developed by using the collected information on the complete set of proteins encoded in different genomes. It has links to crystal structure of the homologues from Protein data Bank (PDB) and to literature information on the individual proteins whose annotation can be obtained from SWISS-PROT. The information content on the database include Amino acid composition, Molecular weight, Isoelectric point, Post- Translational Modification, Functional motifs, Epitopes, Active sites, Secretory, Membrane protein, Enzyme cleavage sites, information on mutants, Literature sites information. Responsibilities: © Client side validations in User Screen by using JavaScript. © Coding Servlets and developing a search engine on the basis of keywords (context searching). © Design the relational database, which can store large amount of data. © Populating the database from flat files using SQL Loader. © Fast retrieval for queries is designed using partitioning of the database. Position : Team member. Environment : Netscape Enterprise Server 3.5.1 using JRun as Plugin, Servlet, HTML (using Dreamweaver), JavaScript, Oracle 8.0 in Windows NT 4.0 platform. Team Size : 3 (x) Project : IAO [login to view URL] Apr’ 01 – June’ 01 Client : [login to view URL], Singapore Description : [login to view URL] provides a Customer Application and Account Manager Applications for Standard Chartered Bank’s Investment Advisory system in Singapore. The System lets the user analyze on where to do the investment it can be on the recommendations based on the Global Equities or Regional Equities with Bond and Money Market. Based on the Questions answered the system recommends where to invest and how much to invest. Initially, only the compounded returns for the recommended portfolio will be graphed since it is the default custom portfolio. But there can be a custom graph as per user portfolio’s needs. The quarterly return is a bar chart that will only plot the quarterly returns of the custom portfolio. The Efficient Frontier graph plots the risk vs. returns and user can drag a point to see what should be the needs. The graphs are plotted on the Applet, which has many panels. The panels have complex logic to draw different graphs. The Java Beans are used to talk to another layer formed by Servlets. Responsibilities: © System Study © Develop the use case and class diagrams © System Development and Testing Position : Team Member Environment : Servlets, Applets, Java Beans, Apache Server, SQL server, VSS 6.0 on Windows NT 4.0 Team Size : 3 (xi) TCG Inc., Secaucus, NJ, USA Dec’00 – Mar’01 Location : TCG SSL, Delhi, India. Project : internal Knowledge Asset Portal (iKAP) Description : The system, “iKAP” consists of a Knowledge Management System, which is using for developing, storing, using and sharing the knowledge within an organization. We are using the UML methodology, RAD (Rapid Application Development) for designing the system developed four “use cases” which are, Storing the Knowledge, Using the Knowledge, Sharing the Knowledge and Developing the Knowledge. For storing or using or sharing the Knowledge, the user has to Log-on to the system. A user can store a new knowledge by uploading the topic file into the server. We are using the 3-tier technology for developing “iKAP”. We are using JSP and EJB for server side programming and JavaScript for client side validations. We are using WebLogic Application Server 5.1 and the database is in Oracle 8i. There are other facilities provided like discussion forum, sending mails and chat. Responsibilities: © Design the Log-in Screen and the New User Creation Screen by using HTML. © Client side validations in the Log-in Screen and New User Screen by using JavaScript © Coding JSP for the Server-side validation for the Login and New User Screen. © Developing the business logic by using EJB. © Use Case Identification and modeling. Position : Team member. Environment: JSP, Javascript, EJB, Weblogic Application Server 5.1, Oracle 8, VSS 6.0, Win NT 4.0. Team Size : 6 (xii) [login to view URL] May ’00 – Aug’00 Location : Kaashyap Radiant Systems Ltd., Calcutta. Project : Portfolio management system for G.P. Goenka & Associates, Calcutta. Description : This is an online customized portfolio management system maintained by broker. There are two main modules (Core & Admin) for customer and broker respectively. The different portfolios to be managed are Equity shares, Fixed deposits, Mutual funds, Bonds & debentures. Customized live tickers are made available displaying details about Company shares. There is facility of auto-mailing system for the customer through which he can receive important information regarding his investment and also news about market updates. Responsibilities: © Coding servlets that are used to build the Web Pages, so as to, ease the job of session tracking © Establishing connection through JDBC technologies using connection-pooling concept. Position : Team member. Environment: Java using JDK 1.2, Servlets, Weblogic Application Server 5.1, HTML(MS Front Page 2000), SQL Server 7.0 on Win-NT 4.0. Team Size : 5 (xiii) Banking software Aug ’99 – Dec’99 Location: Murshidabad Central Co-operative Bank, Murshidabad (W.B.) Project: Banking Project for Ispa Systems (P) Ltd., Calcutta (presently Bajaj Infotech) Description: This is a Banking software system which contains Deposit, Loan, Accounting, Payroll modules. There are two sessions (morning & evening) for the bank. Deposit module consists of Current, Savings and Fixed deposits. The Payroll module issues payslips of employees of all nine branches of the bank. Responsibilities: © In troubleshooting and generation of Reports. © Taking part in Loan module design. Position: Team member. Environment: Delphi 4.0, Interbase 5.1, Win-NT 4.0 Team Size: 3 Education Bachelor of Engg. in Mechanical Engineering Training/Certification: (i) Industrial Training, May 1997 – June 1997 Had one month training in Hindustan Motors (HM in Die Manufacturing project. (ii) Sun Certified Java Professional. (iii) BrainBench Certification in Java 1(score – 3.13) and Java 2 (score – 3.06) BrainBench Certification in EJB (score – 3.64) Professional Membership: Affiliate member of Institute of Engineers.
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