The Rotten Core

bởi apaciga
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Consider this horror piece a base example of the writing I do. I am very flexible with what subjects I write about. This piece took me about an hour to finish, on a writing kick, and is perhaps a little bit jumpy with format (a computer issue, I had to retrieve this from a Facebook note, as the computer I originally wrote this story on is in for repairs). However, for any professionally submitted job, I can assure you that I take great care in editing and format.

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I'm a young man from a good background. My mother is an English professor, and my father is a very skilled engineer. Thus, I grew up in a diverse household. I graduated high school at the age of 16 with a GED, and recently received an Associate's in General Studies at a local community college, with plans to attend a four-year institution in the near future, while holding down a full-time factory job. I write and volunteer at a local library during my spare time, among other activities. Given my diverse skill-set, please do not hesitate to contact me with offers of all sorts. I was raised with honesty and integrity, and that's how I conduct myself in all aspects of life.

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