The Role of ESDO in poverty alleviation

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Chapter one. Introduction. 1.1. Background. 1.2. Importance of the study. 1.3. Statement of the problem. 1.4. Rational of the study. 1.5. Objectives of the study. 1.6. Limitations of the study. CHAPTER TWO. Methodology of the study. 2.1. Sampling of the study. 2.2. Methods of data collection. 2.3. Techniques of data analysis. CHAPTER THREE. ESDO at a glance. 3.1. Background of ESDO. 3.2. ESDO's mission. 3.3. Belief and approaches. 3.4. Goal. 3.5. Objectives. 3.6. Management. 3.7. Working area. 3.8. Staff strength. 3.9. National and International membership. 3.10.Recognition and awards. Chapter four. Organogram of ESDO Bangladesh. Chapter five. Credit support program of ESDO. 5.1. Background 5.2. Credit disbursement system. 5.3. PKSF loan. 5.4. Basic Bank loan. 5.5. Sonali Bank

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