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My name is Robert Arone and I have a lot of experience with Penny Auction sites and that is easily my strongest skill. I have my own Penny Auction site that is currently live. I am using/working with this site (Penny Auction Site) every single day. I have been customizing and designing my site for about 9 months and eventually I got everything perfect and it was completely launched! My website is currently down and I am rebuilding a new script. As a direct admin and webmaster of my site, I have had success and a lot of users sign up and interested in the website overall. I am here to mainly help fix people's Penny Auction script bugs and provide people with a base script to work with. I have used and edited this script so much that I pretty much know it like the back of my hand. I am available basically everyday to get started right away and get the Penny Auction script designed to your liking! I also own and host my own server/site so I am familar with operating system for servers and setting up servers all together. Anyway hopefully you will like what I have to offer and maybe if you choose me - my site and your site can be partners! Thanks for reading this and I appreciate your time and Good Luck!! Thanks, Robert Arone

$15 USD/Giờ

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