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I'm a mother, a writer, and a free thinker. I am an artist, a survivor, and persistently me. I believe in freedom for all and limitation for some. I believe violence is unacceptable and passivity is impossible. I am happily sad. I am furiously serene. I want ambivalence but need compassion. I know nothing and understand everything. I can be stubbornly unshakeable and variably flexible. I'm neither the white nor the black. I am the grey, the in between. I am neither this nor that. I am the unseen compromise. I believe pots of gold can be found at the end of every rainbow and that little, short men wearing all green are incredibly creepy. I believe fairy tales are extinct and reality is undeniable. I believe reality is personal and affected by imagination. I write from misfortune and create self-assurance and relief. I write what I know and what I want to know. I write to comprehend and to produce awareness. I can conceive opinions I differ from and I can adapt when I am wrong. I am wrong and right most of the time. I am the indistinctly decided. I am a perfectionist full of mistakes.

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