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$25 USD / giờ
Cờ của INDIA
bhopal, india
$25 USD / giờ
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Đã tham gia vào tháng 12 1, 2006
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$25 USD / giờ
Cờ của INDIA
bhopal, india
$25 USD / giờ
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BASE RESEARCH IS PROMOTED BY SEASONED MARKET RESEARCH EXPERTS AND TRAINERS. A PROFESSIONAL ORGANISATION CATERING TO THE DIVERSE NEEDS OF MARKET RESEARCH AND TRAINING FOR CLIENTS ALL ACROSS THE WORLD. OUR COMPETENCE Survey Management Services Survey Programming With professionals trained on various tools to offer quality results with fast turnaround. We have dedicated servers and highly reliable leased lines that enhance the experience of the respondents. We provide 24x7 support which facilitates continuous operation and ensure optimal services. Extensive Survey Programming capabilities includes scripting, hosting, Testing/QA and delivery. Engagement models include Fixed-resource and Ad hoc. Data Mining & Analytics Marketing Analytics BASE RESEARCH has a significant range of tools, technology infrastructure and a team of Marketing Analysts to assist you in taking strategic marketing decisions. We offer a wide range of Marketing Analytics Services include: Customer Behavior Analysis Market Basket Analysis Market Segmentation Customer Profiling Customer Valuation Cross Sell Analysis Price Sensitivity Testing Predictive Modeling We serve you with Predictive analysis by directing, optimizing, and automating your decision making capabilities. Our predictive modelling service creates predictive models for you that can be deployed into your business operations. Reporting Solutions Online Reporting We assist you in the generation, maintenance and delivery of reports. Our dedicated team’s vast knowledge on reporting tools and industry experience provide you with the best possible reporting solution We have an in-house Creative Design Team that works with you to design reporting templates and components. DP Analysis and Charting BASE RESEARCH provides assistance in the creation of custom reporting components. Our report formats include Excel, Word, PDF and PPT. The reports generated would be in the form of Bar charts, Pie Charts or any other format depending on your requirement. Our team has skill and proficiency in handling any kind of data analytics as per your requirement. Data Processing Analysis expertise enables you to take the best strategic business decision. Process Automation We provide process automation services by providing you with a time-consuming solution for producing the critical business report. Our team has focused skill sets and extensive industry experience to tackle your complex report. Customised Research Services Desk / Secondary Research Desk research is one of the most time consuming activities for market research companies, but with a vivid pool of talents available, it’s no wonder that we can produce a high quality secondary research. Desk Research + CATI: Database Lead generation A mix of primary and secondary research enables us to provide qualified leads that assist in key sales closures. The names are collected by secondary research, validated and qualified by our CATI team: specific to your company’s objectives and target clientele. Database Validation We offer database validation services wherein Raw data is cleaned and validated to be used for further processing. . The supported formats include ASCII flat files, MS Excel, Access DB, .cba files & other customized formats. Our team takes care about the collection of the data from the database, validate the data and send you for review.

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