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URL: This is my personal website, developed by myself, where you can find my CV as well as an online repository of source files/projects entirely developed by myself. Website was developed in OO PHP, OO Javascript and is fully W3C standards-compliant as well as cross-browser. AJAX is used to enhance user interactivity and some data returned in XML.

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I have extensive experience as developer of large scale Enterprise Software Applications of enormous complexity and employing various techniques and technologies. Being a player in usually large devteams has allowed me to develop a number of skills, namely Object Oriented Design & Programming, database design compliant with theoretical Relational Database Principles and coding practices such as good naming conventions, code clear to understand and commented appropriately, among others. Technically speaking I have extensive experience in C/C++ and related technologies, and in WAMP, more specifically PHP 5, MySQL, W3C standards compliant, cross-browser DHTML/CSS/OO-Javascript and SOA system designs utilizing AJAX.

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