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$30 USD / giờ
$30 USD / giờ
Hiện ở đây đang là 7:13 SA
Đã tham gia vào tháng 8 29, 2007
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Mohammed Z.


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$30 USD / giờ
$30 USD / giờ
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Areas of Work:

Computer Graphics & Design. (in short CGD) started it's journey in 1991 as a proprietary concern with an objective to focus the IT enabled services initially for graphic designing and pre press work to local market. But after serving for 9 years to ITES market there was a big work of Creating Database and Printing of voter list held on the year 2000. In that year this firm executes and successfully completed around 50 Lac voter database preparation and printing of voter list for the same. After completion of this work our team engaged to increase their experience to foreign market and we succeeded to start earning foreign currency from online accounting data processing work. And from the year 2008 CGD engaged with scanning, digitization with data entry and processing work for Bangladeshi and international client. Here we are giving some short description of our journey. Assignments and Project Undertaken by Computer Graphics and Design: Since the establishment as a Computer firm in 1991, Computer Graphics & Design has done different kind of job in the last Twenty Years, such as 1991-1995: These 4 years, CGD has been engaged in many composing and data entry activities. The firm has taken order from Islamic Foundation, Many publications of Bangla bazar and from different sources for composing books, test papers, questions, note books, story books, manuals etc. During this period Computer Graphics & Design was also engaged in graphics design works and training programs. Hundreds of graphics designer have been completed the graphics design courses from CGD. Many of them are doing jobs in this organization and many other firms. This time the company will established and organize it's business from 11, Mirhazirbag, Dhaka-1204. 1995-2000: During this period CGD established itself as a data entry organization in IT market. They have jointly undertaken and successfully completed various assignments with Ababil Computers from election commission secretariat for Fulbaria Thana of Mymensing which are : Voter data entry works, Voter ID card Preparation & Distribution and Voter list printing orders During this period Computer Graphics and Design transfered its office to 145/1, Arambag, Dhaka especially for graphic design & pre press works. This firm did a Database work of the library of Bangladesh Public Administration Training Center, Savar within these 5 years. 2000-2002: Apart from their works of graphic design, this firm took a work order for printing a voter list for 50,00,000 (Fifty Lac) voters from Election Commission for about Tk. 1,50,00,000.00 (Ninety Lac taka) only and successfully completed the work. Computer Graphics and Design installed their own Printing Press as required by the election commission conditions to attain work from them. We did the database and voterlist printing for 5 Election Commission districts. Those are, Dhaka-1, Dhaka-2, Comilla-2, Comilla-3 and Lalmonirhat. During this period Computer Graphics and Design transfered its office to 147/4, Arambag. And also at the time of Sangshad Election with the help of the database of Comilla CGD successfully completed the Laser Printing of Voter Card preparation for Dr. Khandakar Mosharraf Hossain within 15 days stipulated time. The total Database and Laser printing of the cards within this time is around 2.5 Lac voters. 2002-2004: In the year, 2002 Computer Graphics and Design has again received another Supplementary voter database creation & printing order from election commission secretariat in different districts of Dhaka-1, Dhaka-2, Rajbari, Mymensing-1, Mymensing-2, Sherpur, Shunamgaonj for Union Council Election of Election Commission. The whole work has been completed in own premises and printed by it’s own press. The total project has been completed successfully. The volume of contact was around Tk. 18,00,000 (Taka Eighteen Lac Only). These time CGD do directly in their name for around 7 lac voter database work. In the year 2003 CGD also did some database preparation with printing of voter list work for Brahmanbaria, Mymensing-1, Moulovibazar, Rajbari, Chuadanga district for Pouroshova election. Apart from the data entry within this time CGD started the EXPORT oriented works of some US companies. For this work CGD organised the training programes for around 250 people for Data Conversion work and also around 30 Accountants for Online Accounting work. Above them around 20 peoples got International Quick Books certificates. After succesful completion of the training program this firm executes direct work for Brix Resources, Inc. New Jursey and My Partner Online, Inc. of Washington & International Call City, Inc. of Florida for Data Conversion and Online accounting work. We also worked for a call center of 1rst Funds of New York, USA with the help of International Call City, Inc. Florida, USA. 2004-2006: At the last of 2004 CGD successfully completed the Database preparation and laser printing of around 10 Lac voters for voter card printing of Mayor Mohiuddin of Chittagong City Corporation for Nagorik Comittee. And also completed the Voter Card preparation for many commissioners of Chittagong City Corporation at the time of City Corporation Election. In the year 2005 CGD successfully completed the software for Automation of Birth Registration and Death Registration System Chittagong City Corporation. And also successfully completed the database of 6 lac peoples' information. After completion of Data Entry, CGD completed the proof & final print of Birth Certificates. 2006-2007: At the end of year 2006, CGD was selected to provide Voter Data Entry and Voter List printing work for Comilla District from Bangladesh Election Commission. CGD was successfully completed the work which included 8.5 lac voter data entry & printing, around 36 lac data assesment from previous voter list and also completed 50,000 new voter database within a 3 month time frame. 2008-2011: From the middle of 2008, CGD was selected to provide Digital Archiving work for Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd for Archiving of their Service Agreement Form of around 15.00 Lac with Data Entry of Total 18,75,000 forms. And in this year they started a new Era for their business for Digital Archiving. After successful completion of this work CGD engaged their expertise for some more scanning and archiving work jointly with some other IT companies named. First they did the Result Processing work for Food Ministry with Development Planners and Consultants in early 2009 and completed the work successfully within July 2009. After that from June 2010 CGD worked for Hajj Management project which includes Database creation, Picture Archiving, ID Card & Immigration Card preparation for all of the Pilgrims of 2009 (Around 58000) and 2010 (around 93000). And in this period Computer Graphics and Design awarded for Scanning and Achieving work of RAJUK in association with Arc Bangladesh Ltd. and Omni Dot Com Limited. In this project CGD completed Archiving of Documents of RAJUK for scanning of around 26 lac A4 pages. And also we did ITES export work for regular newspaper data processing for one of the largest Bengali newspaper in Canada named Weekly Shomoy from Bangladesh. 2011-2012: We started working with Dhaka North and Dhaka South City Corporation's Holding Tax Software Development, Maintenance Data Processing and Tax Book Printing works, RAJUK's Jhilmil Applications Processing Software Development and Data Processing, RAJUK's Documents Scanning & Archiving Software Development and Archiving works etc. 2013-2014: In these year we started working with Ministry of Fisheries for their Fishermen ID Card Preparation work and Complete 2 project of RAJUK including Recruitment and Archiving of Town planning Division of RAJUK. Client List 1) Bangladesh Election Commission 2) Rajdhani Unnayan Kortipokkha 3) Dhaka City Corporation 4) Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre, Savar 5) Islamic Foundation, Bangladesh 6) Chittagong City Corporation 7) Notre Dame College 8) Weekly Shomoy, Canada 9) Brix Resources, Inc. USA 10) International Call City, Florida, USA 11) My Partner Online, Washington, USA 12) SUMOSAN, UK 13) 1rst Fund, New York, USA 14) Partex Group 15) Squire Group 16) Beximco Group 17) Gono Natto Kendro 18) Bangladesh Agriculture Research Centre 19) Abishwaraniyo Library 20) DESA 21) Sher-e Bangla Agricultural University 22) Director of Fisheries, Bangladesh On Going Project for ITES works 1) Archiving of Documents of RAJUK 2) Image capture and Data Processing of Fishermen ID Card Project of Directorate of Fisheries. 3) Export work for Graphic Design Services for various US and Canada clients. 4) Archiving of Book for [login to view URL] At a Galance Contact Details of the Company Name of the Company: Computer Graphics & Design Mailing Address :147/4, Arambag, (First Floor), Dhaka-1000 Telephone No.: [login to view URL] Fax No. : [login to view URL] Mobile No. : [login to view URL] Email Address : List of Logistics & Equipments Area of Office Space : 800 sft Area of Computer Lab : 1600 sft No. of Servers : 2 Nos No. of Computers : 40 Pcs No. of A4 Laser Printers : 40 Pcs No. of A3 Laser Printers : 4 Pcs Colour Laser Printers : 1 No. of Fladbed Scanner : 3 No. of Document Feeder Scanner : 10 Map Scanner : 1 (A0 Size) *All computers are with Local Area Networked and 2 MbPS Dedicated Internet Connectivity.

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Kinh nghiệm


Directorate of Fisheries
thg 8 2013 - Hiện tại
From August 2013 to Till Date: Project Consultant for Fishermen ID Card Preparation Project on behalf of Computer Graphics & Design • Overall supervisor management for Photo Capture, Scanning and Data Entry • Software modification and System Analysis for the project • Data processing, statistical analysis and output generation. • Job administration and management. • Quality control and supervising data entry & Scanning.

Project Director

thg 7 2012 - Hiện tại
From April 2012 to Till Date: Project Director for Data Entry, Archiving and Image Processing of various documents of TOWN PLANNING section of RAJUK for on behalf of Computer Graphics & Design • Overall supervisor management for Data Entry & Archiving work of Rajuk • Software modification and System Analysis for the project • Data processing, statistical analysis and output generation. • Job administration and management. • Quality control and supervising data entry & Scanning.


Computer Graphics & Design
thg 9 1995 - Hiện tại
Chief Executive Officer of CGD. Overall administration of pre-press work, database activities. Also providing technical inputs to different development projects.

Học vấn


Presidency University, Bangladesh 2013 - 2014
(1 năm)

BSc in Agriculture

Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, Bangladesh 1991 - 1999
(8 năm)


Bangladesh 1989 - 1991
(2 năm)

Bằng cấp

Scanning & Archiving @ KODAK Imaging

KODAK, India
15 days Training on Scanning & Archiving

• Hons Program in Network-Center Computing [1 year course]

Bhuiyan Computer Training Academy

Bhuiyan Computer Training Academy

Diploma in Computer Graphics
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Quark Xpress Software

Nội dung đã đăng

Blue and Gold

Notre Dame College
Worked as Executive Editor for Yearly Publication of Notre Dame College for the year 1990-91

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