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$20 USD / giờ
$20 USD / giờ
Hiện ở đây đang là 11:29 CH
Đã tham gia vào tháng 12 4, 2007
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$20 USD / giờ
$20 USD / giờ
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Let's face it. Having to promote and submit your website to each and every applicable directory is a real time killer. When you could be working on improving your business and other important aspect, you're stuck filling out forms and hoping you did it correctly so your site gets listed in the right category. But by handing over your web submission tasks to me, you can rest assured your ranking will improve and you won't have to spend your precious time on submissions. I will take care ALL of it for you... That’s right, it's my job to boost your site's incoming links and explode your traffic stats all the while you can kick back and relax. This here, is the magic to online success- one of the most effective marketing methods that’s provided to you completely hassle-free! Sounds incredible? It is. Once I promote your business, these promotional methods will give you a shocking, jaw-dropping traffic explosion experience. 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Major Directory Submission Inbound links a.k.a directory submission is an excellent way to increase the back-links of your sites. Directory submitting not only increases the traffic of your website but also pushes your site to acquiring higher PR rankings and in search engine listing. I will submit your site to all Major Directories! 5 example below.... *[login to view URL] *[login to view URL] *[login to view URL] *[login to view URL] *[login to view URL] Submission to these directory sites is vital because once your business is submitted, they publish your website with TONS of link linking back to your sites. This in effect will be one of the most crucial factors for determining your PR rankings. This guarantees that: * All links are one-way to your site. * All links are permanent. * All links comes from relevant categories. * All links are from clean pages, no links to bad redirecting. * All links do not have any kind of duplicate content. * All links are from different c-classes/different IP's. * All links gives you targeted traffic! So basically the higher the number of inbound links the better your website ranking go! Again, the most important source of acquiring these back-link is to submit to these directory. All the leading Search Engine crawls these directories on a daily basis from time to time. 2. Major Article Submission Submitting articles is a great SEO process for increasing traffic to your website and also getting one-way linking back to your sites. There are plenty of article directories on the web that accept articles for a variety of categories. It is important to pick a category that directly relates to the content of your website. This is an effective marketing method referred to as targeted visitor/leads to your sites. Generate interest in the content of your articles so as to attract new, unique prospect. This is the best alternative to link exchange and paid advertising network. Effective article submission is a killer way to maximize exposure for your website. It makes no sense to distribute your article to just one or two article directories. You need to distribute your articles to hundreds of directory in order to get high quality targeted traffic to your sites. I submit your article to its relevant category. 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Social Bookmarking I now offer social bookmarking service as to provide even more direct site visitors, brand exposure and an additional avenue for you to explore whilst building link popularity as part of the traffic strategy. The power of social media marketing is being leveraged by small business owners and online publishers alike. Social bookmarking submission is done on social network websites like MySpace and Orkut and on content centric sites like Digg and [login to view URL].ous etc; this will give your sites enormous exposure to your marketing niches. If you use all the major popular social bookmarking sites, you’ll have dozens, if not, hundreds of one-way linking back to your site almost instantly. Search engine loves and will automatically consider your website to be extremely valuable, and will place your ranking higher than others. Not only that, the key advantage of social bookmarking is that almost all major search engines like Google Yahoo. and MSN. rank your pages based upon the number of sites your content is posted on. So the larger the number of sites where you have your content, the higher your page rank and search positioning is. Needless to say, the amount of relevant traffic to your website increases the moment your page rank goes up. When you use social bookmarking sites to link, you are creating a one way back-link to your sites. Search engines weigh non-reciprocal links more heavily, because they weed out the people who just trade links to increase their own rankings. I will promote your site up to 125 Social Directories! 5 example below.... *[login to view URL] *[login to view URL] *[login to view URL] *[login to view URL] *[login to view URL] After I’m done submitting I will provide you with a complete detailed report on the completion of project stating the web directory name, web directory URLs to where I submitted your links, page rank of directories, Title, Description, and the Keywords that is used. 4. Search Engine Submission If your website has only been listed on major search engine, even if it haven’t, then I’ll gladly submit your website to leading search engine such as Google, Yahoo., MSN., AOL., DMOz and hundreds of other high quality search engine around the world. I will submit your site to 200 Search Engines! 5 example below.... *[login to view URL] *[login to view URL] *[login to view URL] *[login to view URL] *[login to view URL] Remember, a submission doesn't guarantee a listing and a listing doesn't guarantee a good ranking. But get listed, it is important to submit your website to as much search engines as possible. Just submitting your website to a handful of search engines will not do the trick. There are a multitude of directories and search engines lurking just under the surface of the web that impact the flow of traffic to your sites. This is the time for me to help you publicize your site wider and deeper than you ever thought possible. You will notice almost immediately a HUGE increase in the quality and quantity of your traffic in the very first month! Again, all engine submissions will be properly documented and compiled in Excel and you will receive it as soon as I completed each submission. This way, you know your site has been submitted and is getting the traffic and rankings boost it needs. Submission With Me Is a Timesaver If you haven’t yet submitted your website, you have not really begun your promotion yet. Take the first step towards letting the world know how great your product or service is and getting free incoming links and direct organic traffic in the process. This is how you give-: * 40% Advance Payment of Project Cost at the Start of the Project. * 60% When Project is Complete and Full Report is Handed to You. This is WHAT you get-: * Cost Effective Solution * Quality Job * Timely Delivery * Detailed Reports * Flexible and Hassle-free * Excellent ROI Now since you know what I do; I know exactly what you want. I know you are in business to get results. Whether it be more sales, more visitors, more links, more leads, or more subscribers for your business. I can help. Start now and see your traffic go through the roof!

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