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JoyPorter was created to perfect the home delivery of e-commerce purchases to the online shoppers. With JoyPorter, the delivery process will no longer be an uncertainty that the online shoppers have no control over. We provide real-time track and trace of their parcels for the online shoppers as well as an instant chat feature between our Porters and the online shoppers to ensure that the delivery is not only seamless, but also catered to convenience of the online shoppers. All these are to ensure that we get the delivery correct on our first try, even if that means delivering your products at night. 1) If you need to send a parcel: - JoyPorter is the go-to app for all your delivery needs. Download the app for free! - No minimum volume required. - Create delivery job with 3 easy steps and the jobs will be picked up by our Porters within minutes. - Sit back and relax! Leave the hassle of the delivery and communication with your customers to us. No more dealing with disgruntled custom

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Quick and efficient coding in both iOS and android, we take care of the hidden things behind the scenes, e.g., security, UI design/layout (that works well on thousands of android devices with different screen sizes, densities, etc., based on our internal checklists that we constantly refine), how the app will respond to many events like incoming call, etc., so the end users will have a satisfying experience. We also specialize in upgrading your apps to the latest OS, e.g., currently to iOS 10, and android 7. We are skilled at debugging and enjoy the challenge of finding and squashing bugs! Our mobile app was part of a 3rd-prize winning team for the Valeo Innovation Challenge in 2016 for vehicle route finding, with maps and cool UI. It was an international team with members from Turkey, Canada and Singapore (us). We have also designed and developed official mobile apps for NUS and NTU (the top universities in Singapore) through competitive open tender process. And many other apps ..

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