Environmental Impact of Wastewater in Sport Fishing.

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To solve the algebraic equations, we will use iterative methods of solution encoded in Python programming language. An iterative method comprises the following steps: 1. To estimate an initial value for the desired solution. 2. A mathematical formula for updating the approximate solution obtained in each iteration. 3. A criterion to stop the upgrade process (check convergence). Finally, we will make an analysis of the results obtained, using for this the IPython Notebook tool and the Python programming language for coding algorithms.

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Experience in Numerical Analysis, Data Mining and Machine Learning models. Data Engineering, Data Analytics, Natural Language Processing, scientific reports in Jupyter Notebook and Python programming. Experience in Data Extraction, Data Processing and Statistical Analysis. Modeling, Simulation of scenarios and forecasts. Writer of technical reports and academic research papers. Strengths in the following technologies: ⭐ Certified in Python programming. ⭐ Machine Learning tools: ✔ Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib. ✔ Scikit-Learn, Statsmodels, Scipy. ✔ NLTK, Jupyter Notebook. ⭐ Operating Systems: ✔ OSX, Unix-based, Windows. ⭐ Databases: ✔ PostgreSQL, MariaDB. ✔ MySQL, SQLite. ⭐ Tools for daily work: ✔ Git, Json, Csv, DevOps. Contact me for a quote related to project of any scale from very small to big. I will get back to you within at most 6 hours after you contact me and we can discuss it further.

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