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I'm skilled developer, specialising in web, server and desktop application programming interface's. I'm fanatical about code quality, seeking to ensure all my projects to be standards compliant, quick and well structured, to ensure scalability and maintainability. Till now, there has not been a thing, i could not achieve, of course, not without learning,testing and developing myself. The area of IT is endless, which makes a huge place for human fantasy and abilities to achive. With a critical view to myself, i can say - if i want to achieve something, i will search, learn and put all knowlage in it, not only for the best result, but for testing my abilities as well. so here i am, waiting for new world blasting challanges. Specialties Specialist: Web technologies: php, pgsql, mysql, html, hta, css, javascript, vb, python, xml Applications: c++, visual c, c#, visual c#, vb, vb.net, visual vb, visual vb.net, pascal Command line scripts: sh,bash Command line: windows, linux, apple Servers: apache, lighttpd, nginx Os scripting: assembly Advanced: Web technologies: oracle databases, asp, ruby Applications: adobe air, smil, apple script, delphi Basic: Web technologies: java exp: - mobile department - lottery systems

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