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$15 USD / giờ
karachi, pakistan
$15 USD / giờ
Hiện ở đây đang là 4:43 SA
Đã tham gia vào tháng 1 31, 2007
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Fahad A.


4,5 (1 nhận xét)
$15 USD / giờ
karachi, pakistan
$15 USD / giờ
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Providing Online Solutions to Your Advantage!

eForteSolutions is an offshore web and software solution provider company. We facilitate companies with exclusive website and software solutions for better efficiency and competitive advantage for their business. When you choose to work with our company you can always be sure of top quality services and of a smoothly running client support system. For customer's utmost satisfaction our projects are featured with needed documentation, guarantee and support. Although we have been on Freelancer for 6 years but haven't been using it to get projects. But now with increase in our team and new outlook of Freelancer, we are back here again. We know the IT industry for 8 years as a team of professionals. In the span of these years we have generated and produced varied kind of innovative work and successful campaigns. As an end-to-end solution provider our approach is personal and our strategies are global which truly will meet your requirements and you will be happy with your ROI. EFS suits your needs best because our services are: PROFICIENT: Through the period of our working as a group, we have gained unique experience and built a very strong team of offshore web and software developers and managers. The projects we have been working on required not only remarkable development and technical expertise, but an in-depth understanding of internet marketing, ecommerce and functioning of many industries. We offer services of top-level professionals only. Karachi being the center of IT industry in Pakistan has dozens of technological universities, educating thousands of software and website development professionals every year. Each EFS employee has higher education and is strongly encouraged to advance it. EXPEDIENT: We give every client special consideration through customized working hours that's why working with our company is very easy and convenient. English is a basic element in understanding the client's say, for the very purpose it is deemed necessary for every EFS developer and management individual to be able to communicate in English. WITH IN YOUR REACH: We have our offshore website development and software outsourcing center in Karachi to offer unique saving capabilities to our customers. Currency exchange rate makes the cost of a project low enough to provide you with great software outsourcing services at a more than affordable rate. A well-established software outsourcing process combined with a huge amount of developed and tested code for recoup in future applications lower the overall project time and cost even more. Making your IT-projects a success will be a source of satisfaction and happiness for us. Sincerely yours, eForteSolutions Team

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$260,00 USD
eFortesolutions worked very hard to get this project right, and has kept in constant e-mail, IM, and voice communications with the project manager (me). We are very pleased with the results.
Website Design
Graphic Design
Banner Design
Logo Design
Cờ của pimsleader
16 năm trước

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