Data Entry & Data Conversion and Image Conversion

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WE HAVE VAST KNOWLEDGE IN THE THE FILED OF DATA ENTRY & DATA CONVERSION AND IN IMAGE PROCESSING. WE HAVE MORE THAN 15 YRS, EXP. IN THE CONTENT WORLD. OUR MAIN GOAL IS TO PERFORM BETTER AND BETTER UNTIL REACH THE EXCELLENCE. 1. We coded and created normal epub and epub3 under a company for a long time. 2. We can edit images in Photoshop. 3. We are well experienced in xml, html and xhtml project. 4. Captured data using various software (AbyyFinereader, Acrobat 11) and format(pdf, jpg). 5. Text Conversion (pdf2excel, doc2pdf, jpg2text). 6. Data Entry in excel-sheet and others.

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We are well experience in data conversion field. And we are searching job in my part time. We have 4 members for job helping.

$3 USD/Giờ