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I am almost 50 years old and have been a programmer since I was 19, I have worked in assembler Z-80 ,6303, Dec PDP-11 and some 80486, c, c++, C#, various BASIC type languages QBasic,VBA/VB/ and 4GLs (Accell/Unify, i4GL, xBase) on Windows and Unix. In the more obscure areas I also have worked on BOS Cobol, BCPL, Tripos. I appreciate the need for software to work all the time; I sell products under my own name, including a programming language and a business intelligence project and run an advertising funded web site that offers free services, a C#/VB/SQL Server site that I wrote for myself. I recently finished a long term relationship with an insurance company where I wrote a system in Access/C++ that had over 240,000 line of VBA and an SQL Server database with over 2.5 million policies.

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