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ITMA Consultancy Our extensive background in system engineering and systems administration for several different Unix flavors makes us the ideal corp for almost any role. The ITIL v3 certification allows us to give an overview of the IT framework that should be in place and it's methodologies and advice acordingly. Also, we hold knowledge of software development life cycle and ITIL framework infrastructure lifecycle. We have followed several products, both internal and commercial, through development cycles from planning through shipping and postpartum analysis. We have worked with development groups to understand product implementation and understand computer software at the power user level. We have expertise writing product specifications, test plans and test cases, UAT, Pre-Production and Production Environments. We organised the replication of the UAT environment build based on the production infrastructure, using Sun Solaris 5.9 and Jumpstart methodology. We assisted in the product planning and feature specification and helped write the specification, test plans, and test cases for migrating Oracle databases fylesystem from GFS to RAW due to I/O reads and writes performance. Also, We are documentation management certified, which alows every twick, script, migration or project to be fully documented for further reference. As a Consultancy Corp one of our major projects was to build a distributed monitoring system that would capture infrastructure problems for their 250 customers and flag them to a 3rd party on a 24/7 call center for the alert to be escalated and reported, assuring that all their customers were acquainted with their infrastructure problem at the time and that action was being carried out. We built this project based on nagios and opsview framework only using snmpd and trapd to pick up data. Also due to the necessity of being a distributed system, We've used a 2x master (HA with RH cluster and Linux Heartbeat) and +/-200 slaves scatered across the customers infrastructures picking up data and centralizing it on the masters servers DB (MySql with master --> slave replication). All the servers used were RH servers and some CentOS due to licensing costs. This project was fully documented with logical and systems diagrams for further reference. We did mentoring for several Unix consultants and doing mission critical ticked solving 24/7 and a lot of root cause analysis based on Ishikawa methodology for some major banks in Ireland, companies and the UK goverment. We have major understanding and experience with automation using scripting with Bash, Korn, TCL, Perl (also for scripting reports), Python and Ruby. Currently we have almost 10 years dealing with Unix and on a daily basis dealing with Linux and mainly Red Hat. We hold excellent problem detection skills and attention to detail. Also, strong communication skills, communicating with others on my team and in the larger company has always been a major part of my work. Projects Developed: 1 - We've have built a project based on a open source framework with the objective of building a distributed monitoring system for all their customers that would centralize all the information regarding their infrastructure within a consultancy corp. this project took 10 months and was built using linux RHES with nagios, opsview as the based framework to work with. Interacted as a resource also in several different projects as a senior consultant to provide significant guidance on several Unix complex infrastructures with several customers like KBC Bank, Airtricity, Dep. of Transport of Ireland, National Roads Authority, Psychological Society of Ireland, etc just to name a few working directly with them. 2 - Migration of the HP-UX Superdome 11.11 (Pa-Risc) to 11.23 (Itanium) which included the following migration tasks: - Hardware Pa-Risc to Itanium; - O.S. from 11.11 to 11.23; - Oracle Remote DB Oracle 9i to Oracle 10Gr2; - Hp OpenView Operations 7.15 to 8 and NNM (Network Node Manager); - VG's dimensioning to the required migration specs (HW and Soft); - Apache [login to view URL] reconfiguration to meet the desired specs, Tomcat from the Reporter Server (Http), Dns reconfig., and shell scripting the default configuration to the required one using Korn, Bash, TCSH, CSH scripting languages. Also analysis thought the customised scripts to meet the required migration functionality. 3 - Responsible to the planning, implantation, configuration, and administration of all Systems on Asus Campus @ Barcelona (Backbone (with direct dep. for Holland and Germany) config, Rack Implementation and config, Domain Controller Implementation and Config, File Server Implementation and Config, Exchange 2003 server Implementation and Config, Switches Implementation and Config, Routers. Implementation and Config, Apache server Implementation and Config, Holiday server Implementation and Config, Voip, Vcoip Alcatel 4400 under Solaris. Implementation And Config, Backup server Implementation And Config Ups. Implementation and Config and also developed several internal api´s based on cross-platforming (Oracle, Mysql,PostgreSql, Php, Java, J2EE, Perl and Python). This was projected to make two offices within Asus, work. The Sales Department and the Tech Support Department. The Sales Department got round about 30 workstations and the Tech Support Department got 20 more. Images built for every workstation, and afterwards started the admin process. Network segmentation was a must have in this situation. Clustering configuration and failover parameterization was required to make a High Availability cluster within the office. Asynchronous cluster was configured using Solaris Clustering capability, to deploy a 27/4 online server capability server system. 4 - Consultancy Joomla based website; 5 - Online shop based on Joomla;

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