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$15 USD / giờ
lahore, pakistan
$15 USD / giờ
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Đã tham gia vào tháng 2 13, 2006
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Muhammad J.


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$15 USD / giờ
lahore, pakistan
$15 USD / giờ
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Microsoft Certified Professional Web Developer

Muhammad Jamil Nawaz Voice: [login to view URL] Gender: Male Date of Birth: 14th May, 1982 [login to view URL] MCTS 2005 Summary: Over 7.0 years in Software Development, managing, development, architecture design, leading teams of 40 IT experts as software engineers, Quality Assurance, Database Administrator. Successfully implement the 13 software solutions at corporate level concerned to domain of Garments, CRM, Demographic Data Management integrated with Maps which are being implemented in USA, Canada, Brazil, and Chili incorporating end users more than 7 thousa nd. More than 3 years are being spent with directly communication with business leaders, domain experts which are translated in form of successful projects through team of IT experts by me. Qualification: BS IT (Hons) Allama Iqbal Open University. (Software Engineering) FSc. (Pre-Engineering) Govt. College Attock. Employment History: Aug 2005 to Present Assistant Project Manager & Team Lead at YSMF® Software Solutions Jan 2005 to July 2005 Software Engineer at NextBridge Pvt. Ltd. May 2004 to Dec 2004 Software Developer at Technosoft Solutions Professional Studies: 2008 Microsoft Certified Professional Developer ([login to view URL] Web Developer) 2008 Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS SQL Server 2005) 2005 Unified Modeling Language Technical Skills: Operating Systems: Windows XP, 2003 server, Windows 2008 Server, Widows 7 Application: Microsoft Office 2003/2007, Dreamweaver CS3/CS4, Microsoft Vision 2003/2007, Microsoft Project, Microsoft One Note. .NET Technologies: .NET Framework 1.1/2.0/3.0/3.5, C#.NET, VB.NET, ASP.NET, ASP.NET AJAX, ASP.NET MVC, [login to view URL], LINQ, XLINQ, DLINQ, Window Forms, Xml WebService, WCF, WPF, Silverlight, Rad Telerik Controls, Component One Studio, Web Technologies: ASP.NET, Javascript, Html/DHtml/XHtml, W3C/CSS, XML/XAML, XSLT, jQuery, ExtJS, Flash/ActionScript 3, Flex Languages: C#.NET, VB.NET, Jscript, Html, Xml, SQL/TSQL, Action Script 3 Case Tools & IDE: Visual Studio 2008/2005, Visual Team System 2008/2005, Visual Source Safe, Version Control System (SVN), Microsoft Access, Microsoft Visio, ErWin, Rational Rose, Sybase Power Desginer Databases: Microsoft Access, SQL Server 200/2005, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Reporting Services, SQL Integration Services. CMS: Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0/MOSS 2007, DotnetNuke Projects Project Title My Geography (MDE) [login to view URL] Client Geo Technology Inc. Chili Project Description \"My Geography\" is a portal created as a response to the need to deliver basic knowledge of geography to both children and adults in a fun and attractive for everyone to know and better understand the environment around us. The portal is divided into three sections: one for children (5 to 10 years), one for youth (11 to 17 years) and adult (parents and teachers). Each addressed differently and with different methodologies, the most varied geographical themes. The Administrative part of this application allows admin to upload contents to be available on public sections (Some sort of CMS). Role Team Lead (Design Architecture, Develop Application) Responsibilities o Client Communication & Requirement Gathering o Write functional specification o Application Framework Architecture o Implement CMS for backend. o Implement solution with 5 IT Experts as Software Engineers. o Compatibility of the solution with multiple browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) o W3C validation for browser compatibility. o Design UI using HTML/DHTML, CSS and Telerik Controls. o Implement some Ajax functionality using JavaScript/jQuery. o Design Menu using Flash/Action Script 3. o Integration of Rad Telerik Controls ([login to view URL]) o Customize Grid Control using Templates (Dropdown within grid, date picker in grid etc.). o Implement Grid Sorting functionality. o Implement Grid Column Level Data Filtering like MS Excel column filter. o Implement Insert/Update/Delete function with Grid using User Controls. o Customize skins of Controls to change its UI Look. o Implement templates using Grid Control o Dropdown (Multi Column ComboBox/Dropdown, Filter Capability) o Masking of Input Controls (Phone Number Masking, Zip Code Masking) o Database Design o Tables o Views o Stored Procedures o Functions o Custom Data Types o Design Data Access Layer using Microsoft Best Practices (Enterprise Library). o Troubleshooting of development issues with team members. o Quality assurance to deliver the bug free product. o Deployment updates. Software & Tools C#.NET, ASP.NET, [login to view URL], SQL 2005, Enterprise Library, Html, Xml, JavaScript, JQuery, Telerik Grid Control, Telerik ComboBox/Dropdown Control. Telerik Date Picker control, CSS, Flash Action Script 3. Project Title Sistema Informational Territorial (SIIT) Client Geo Technology Inc. Chili Project Description This project is GIS Data Analysis application. Application allows end user to analyze Data using graphical notations. This application presents data in the form of Polygons, Labels and Graphs. ESRI Map Server is used with SQL 2005 for all GIS manipulation. Following modules are developed: o Custom Map Viewer o Allow user to select criteria for mapping. o Generate dynamic map based on the user selection. o Draw graphics on the map with pre-populated data from database. o Draw graphics using Google Chart API to draw graphs for the graphics. o Generate report. o Exporting of data. o Base Map Viewer o Allow user to show Cached Maps. o Allow user to show pre-defined system maps. o Statistics Viewer o Allow user to select criteria for generating statistics. o Allow user to generate statistics. o Hierarchical grid for populating childes. o Administrative Site Section o Allow admin to create maps. o Allow Admin to create users. o Allow Admin to create search documents on the map and create points for the documents. Role Team Lead (Design Architecture, Develop Application) Responsibilities o Client Communication & Requirement Gathering o Write Requirement Specification & Functional specification o Server side Application Framework Architecture o Client side Application Framework using Javascript Object Oriented Patterns & JSON (Javascript Object Notation). o Application Configuration for Map Server o Implement solution with 7 IT Experts as Software Engineers. o Implementation of ESRI Javascript Map API ([login to view URL]) o Compatibility of the solution with multiple browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) o Implementation of Web Services for data population using Javascript. o Design Data Access Layer using Microsoft Best Practices (Enterprise Library). o Integration of Rad Telerik Controls ([login to view URL]) o Implement cascade dropdown filtering o Implement dropdown filtration on typing (Load on Demand functionality). o Ajax based data population instead of Regular Postback using Microsoft Ajax & Rad Ajax. o Grid Column re-ordering o Grid Column selection (user decide which columns he want to see) o Grid Column level filter like Microsoft excel. o Grid Column level sorting. o Grid Customization using Templates. o Exporting Data (Shape files using ESRI .NET API) o Troubleshooting of development issues with team members. o Quality assurance to deliver the bug free application. o Configuration of IIS for web site, its permission\'s settings to run the site. o Deployment of the application. OS Windows Operation System. Software & Tools C#.NET, ASP.NET, [login to view URL], Oracle 10g, JSON, JQuery, JavaScript Mapping API, Google Chart API, Web Services, Telerik Controls, Html Design, CSS Formatting. Project Title DIPM Client Geo Technology Inc. Chili Project Description This System is part of a Mapping Application. Its administrative portion of application to allow administrator/user to enter probability data for generating maps. Description: o Strongly relational database design o Telerik Rad Ajax Implementation. o Custom Error Handling. o Error logging via email. o Functional Security Implementation. o Excel File Import Module. o Integration with ESRI Mapping Modules. o Integration with web services to create points on map. Role Senior Software Developer (Leading 5 software experts) Responsibilities o Communication about software requirements and functionality. o Design Database using standards of database modeling and according to requirements. o Create Tables o Create Views o Create Stored Procedures/Functions o Create Triggers (where needed) o Designing the system in 3-tier architecture o Design Fully Transactional Data Access Layer. o Design Business Layers o Create Modules on presentation layer o Create Task plan and execute that plan successfully. o Distribute tasks among team members and troubleshoot issues with them. o Design HTML Prototype using CSS. o Client side programming using JavaScript o Implementation of Rad Telerik Controls ([login to view URL]) o Grid Customization o Integration of Grid with Dropdowns, Date Picker, Rad Ajax o Column Level filtering o Column Reordering o Add/Remove columns on client side. o Column Level Data Sorting. o Configuration of Hosting Panel for Web Site. o Deployment of the Application OS Windows Operation System. Software & Tools C#.NET, ASP.NET, [login to view URL], SQL Server 2005, Telerik Controls. Project Title Design Solution Client Label IT Inc. USA Project Description This System is Garment Factory\'s Customized ERP Solution. This system focusing on the garments creation process. This application has the following modules. o Application Management o This module allows administrator to define following: § Menus for the applications § Trees to be loaded inside some menus. § Applications level groups (Head Quarters, Companies, and Departments) to be using this application. o Security Management o This module allows user to do following actions: § Virtual Groups (Roles) Definition. § User Creation. § User belongs to specific Head Quarter, Company and Department. § Assign members to the virtual groups. § Members could be Head Quarter, Company, Department or User. o Security works on hierarchy § Head Quarter § Company § Department § User o Style Management o This module has followings § Style Creation § Design Creation § Sample Creation § Change Request Management § Sample Approving o Purchase Order Management o This module allow user to perform actions regarding factory purchase order. o Dictionary Data Management o This module allows user to define base Meta data for the application. Major sections are: § Factory Creation § Trim Management § Product Categories & Garment Specification Creation § Garment Size Management § Grading Rule Management Role Team Lead Responsibilities o Meeting with Client for Gathering Requirements and Design Specifications o Designing the system in 3-tier architecture o Database Enhancements o Task Management of the Team Members o Daily Reports to Client and Project Manager o Deployment of the Updates o Code Reviewing Code Commenting OS Windows Operation System. Software & Tools C#.NET, ASP.NET, [login to view URL], MS Visio, MS VSS, Dreamweaver MX, SQL Server 2000, Telerik Controls. Project Title Optical Store Management and Invoice Management System Client NanoVision Inc. USA Project Description This project is a distributed application which includes following modules. o Online Web based Administration Module. o Define locations (Shops) for which Invoice Management application could run. o Define computers; those are going to access this application. (For Mac address security). o Define users to login to this application. o Define user\'s security rights to implement role base security. o Define product categories. o Define products (SKUs) for those categories. o Define SKU\'s Inventory for the locations. o Price Management at Customer and Product Level. o Retail and Whole Sale Customer Management. o Report Management to generate different web based reports. o Online Web service to distribute data to different web stores (Shops). o Invoice Management Desktop Application to communicate web service to download latest information from database and upload latest sales using web service to the centralized database using multi threading. This application is using Smart Client Technology. o Data Import/Export process on daily base. o Synchronization of all stations with central live database.(using multi threading). o Whole Sale customer\'s Invoice Generation/Invoice uploading. o Retail customer\'s Invoice Generation. o Order Generation to purchase new stock. o Reports Generation. o Invoice Printing. Role Team Lead (Leading 3 developers, 2 QA person team) Responsibilities o Designing the system in 3-tier architecture using Best Practices. o Database Design o Application Layout Design Using DHTML/HTML/CSS/Javascript. o Design Screens using Rad Telerik Controls. o Design Window Modules using Component One Controls. o Memory Management using Smart Thread techniques. o Task Management of the Team Members o Daily Reports to Client and Project Manager o Deployment of the Application o Application Support and Database Maintenance. o Daily base database monitoring to check everything is working fine. OS Windows Operation System. Software & Tools C#.NET, ASP.NET, [login to view URL], MS Visio, MS VSS, Dreamweaver MX, SQL Server 2000, Telerik Controls. Component One Window Controls, Project Title Loudkat Digital Asset & Content Management System Client Avant-garde-media Inc. USA Project Description Avant-garde Media develops commercial-grade web based applications for the world-class marketing, design and technology-based services companies, companies whose business depends on quality web application applications software delivered on time and on budget. They look to Avant-garde Media to minimize the risk of development to provide technology expertise, decrease time to market and reduce startup costs. Description: o A complete digital asset management solution, LoudKat has been developed to fit the specific needs of companies in the advertising and entertainment industries. LoudKat lets media-intensive organizations such as record labels or marketing firms easily organize, store and share media assets and information, as well as communicate internally and externally. o Encoding/Decoding mechanism to create thumbnails and trailers for videos and encode audios in mp3 format. o This system allow user to create folders, to categories music. o This system implemented Data Import module using SQL Server Integration Services 2005, to import data from other sources. o This system allows user to modify Meta data of the audio, video and images. o This system has built in Automated Newsletters system, to send newsletters to the users, to schedule newsletters, to modify template of newsletter to send in email. o This system has a CMS Module that allow user to create its contents for flash front end. o This software has integration of Amazon S3 Repository. o This system has implementation of Rad Controls & Microsoft Ajax. o This application has flash front end, which includes followings o A Shopping cart with implementation of paypal checkout. o Music searching from the Backend Repository. o Virtual Projects (Folders) creation to put music in virtual projects. o User registration process to download music, to send music to their contacts. o Integration with ASP.NET to get dynamic data from database using xml format. o Java applet downloader to download music. o Survey to send feedback about the usage of music. o SQL Server 2005 is the database server. Role Senior Software Developer (Work Independently with a virtual team) Responsibilities o Design n-tier Software Architecture using Best Practices and UML Design Patterns o Software Development o Daily Project Update to Client S Windows Operation System. Software & Tools C#.NET, ASP.NET 2.0, [login to view URL] 2.0, Dreamweaver MX, SQL Server 2005, SQL Integration Services 2005, Telerik RadControls. Flash CS3/Action Script 3 Project Title Room Reservation & Contact Management Client Optima Consulting Inc. Canada Project Description This project is initial prototype of the main project. We use MOSS 2007 (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007) for this. This project has three parts: o Room Reservation Module o Allow to create resource types. o Allow to create resources. o Allow to reserve rooms for meetings with the contact info from contact management. o We use calendar view (Day View, Week View, and Month View) to implement quick search to find the available dates for the room reservation. o Highlight the Calendar Navigator according to the availability of the room. o Contact Management Module o Allow to add contacts types. o Allow to add contacts. o Document Management Module o Allow to add documents for the meeting and contacts. o We add Task View to maintain the tasks flow for the meeting. o Workflows o When the reservation is made, we have a workflow to do some extra actions. o Change in the reservation. Responsibilities o Analyze Requirements o Design Application Workflow o Web Application creation and maintenance using MOSS 2007 o Web Parts Development/Deployment. o Stored Procedures/Functions Writing. o Create Web Application in MOSS 2007 o Development of the modules. o Deployment of the prototype. OS Windows Operation System. Software & Tools C#.NET, ASP.NET, [login to view URL], MOSS 2007 Project Title eSaver Client CouponBait, Inc. USA Project Description CouponBait, Inc. is a national coupon & promotion distribution company, that provides manufacturers, retailers and service providers a new, innovative distribution channel. For just pennies an advertiser can display a relevant promotion at precisely the right time, influencing a consumer\'s purchasing decision. This new method puts manufacturer\'s products and services in to consumer\'s homes for very low cost. Manufacturers and advertisers choose keywords relevant to the product or service they want to promote. Those keywords are matched to items on consumer\'s shopping lists. Consumers choose a coupon and print when ready to shop. Detailed reports and statistics track the performance of offers and the consumer needs market. Consumers choose and arrange categories to match the layout of their favorite stores. Next, a single-click custom sorts the list to match the store layout. Coupons are automatically matched to the consumer\'s needs, eliminating the search for money saving offers. CouponBait automatically tracks coupon savings, remembers category assignment and reports it all back to the consumer. Companies that distribute with CouponBait enjoy a low-cost way to precisely deliver their offers with great redemption rates. CouponBait provides an easy-to-use interface making it simple for consumers to capture and recall the everyday items they need to purchase. Easy-to-navigate interface, edit-in-place data fields, drag-and-drop category sorting, automatic coupon matching, virtual filing and store layout sorting are just some of the features designed to save time and money, all with minimal effort. CouponBait is the most flexible online consumer organizer available. CouponBait puts the right product promotions in front of right consumers at the right time. Role Develop and Deployment Responsibilities o Discussion of requirements with client. o Development and Troubleshooting OS Windows Operation System. Software & Tools C#.NET, ASP.NET, [login to view URL], ExtJS (Javascript Controls), jQuery

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