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This is a painting on Mahabharata, done using painting tools in Adobe Photoshop.

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I am a novice as a freelancer, joined only recently. I am a software professional with 12 years of experience including 5 years of (software based) research expertise in ISRO as a scientist specializing on space-avionics software (architecture / design / development). Got apprecation from Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam (former President of India and former scientist in ISRO and DRDO) for developing a software to simulate the trajectory of a space craft as part of India's Chandrayan 1 Mission study phase. Proficient in handling research projects where software is used as an investigative tool or is part of the system. I find it interesting to work with mathematical algorithms and in converting them into software code to do complex computations especially in the field of 2D / 3D Visualization. This expertise I have used in diverse domains like space-avionics, 3D digital terrain modeling, 3D medical imaging, 2D part-nesting, 2D imaging for OCR, Game Engine Development etc. Developed interest in doing own research on topics of interest. Created a text analysis engine that can analyse large sized texts like Mahabharata (an ancient Indian epic) with 100,000 verses and more than 4 million words. The engine will search out and detect all the nouns in the texts and detect noun to noun relationships and create a Wiki web-site, similar to Wikipedia with a single page dedicated to each noun and it express the interconnections between nouns as hyperlinks. Created a web-site using this technique which has now become the 2nd most popular web-site after Wikipedia on topics related to Mahabharata, Ramayana, Iliad, Odyssey and other ancient texts containing 25,000 pages. I have a creative side and make digital paintings and 3D models. I have written articles published in International Magazines and write technical articles and white papers on DirectX, OpenGL and Neural Net Computing. Currently I am pursuing my International MBA Degree. Specialties Software Professional with Creative talents and the ability to do deep analysis. Other skills:- Knowledge Management (KM), Setting up Wiki based infrastructure for KM, Technical Project Management (TPM)

$10 USD/Giờ