How Lulu got wow effect through FB campaign

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LuLu Hypermarket, a chain of supermarkets in the Middle East, is popular for its deals, offers, and cultural fiestas during festivities and special occasions. The brand wanted to run an exciting game on facebook as part of Christmas for its fans. The aim was to give away gifts on Christmas through an application that was fun, engaging and rewarding. The LuLu Christmas Tree happened to be the answer. Fans had to drag and drop at least 10 gifts from a tree laden with 500 gifts, into a box placed near it. Each participant had 15 seconds to do this and the game could be played only once. Whoever successfully dropped 10 gifts into the box within the given time won a gift! The game could be played until the last gift was plucked, i.e., until the 500 gifts were claimed. Participants who successfully completed the game were asked to fill in their details into the form, which included a field where they could enter the name of their nearest LuLu Hypermarket. Arrangements were made for t