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This software was one of my undergraduate thesis' products. It receives an instruction in natural language (Spanish and english are supported), and if it corresponds to a known task, it executes that task. I used the HTM theory to design and develop the software, and the Qt framework for the UI. You may find more info at

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My education, work and passion is divided in two main branches, that complement each other. On one side, I've developed software independently for more than two years. I enjoy taking on challenging projects and finding elegant solutions. My experience includes the design and implementation of UIs, and the use of AI techniques, such as neural networks and evolutionary algorithms. On the other side, my fascination towards biology and complex systems (and for science in general) has led me to get involved in research projects of these fields. I've been able to take ideas and use tools from one branch to the other, enriching the way I can tackle a particular problem. I love learning new things and listen to the different points of view that each person can contribute to the project.

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