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Small Business Development

At LGM Small business development our 32 volume business development series, in progress, volume 1 published May 2007, sets the tone for our mission: to provide comprehensive tools for the small business in a language for the small business owner; and with an understanding that today's small business may not have the time to compose a business plan, or create a comprehensive proposal. We, the small business owner, understand that yesterday's is no more and we are here to pave the way into the future, by providing green products and services. ? Product and/or Services: LGM Business Development is a business consulting firm that sells business products as follows: o Business Essentials ? Articles of Incorporation ? Business Finance ? Bylaws ? Cage Code ? Corporate Resolution ? Employer Identification Number ? North American Industry Classification System ? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ? Small Business Administration ? Small Business Development Centers ? Sta

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A. Brief summary of plan 1. Major objectives a. Consult with small and start-up businesses regarding fundamental documentation required for successful business-to-business commerce; b. Accumulate, formulate and fill-in complete fundamental business-to-business documentation under one cover, including all relevant certifications, registrations, business plan, comprehensive proposals, financial assistance, etc.. c. Educational Component: wherein the small and start-up business owner can become knowledgeable, informed, or trained on the practice and procedure for packaging a fundamental and complete business package. SKILLPath, a comprehensive training and skill improvement provider will offer professional business development lectures and seminars using the LGM Business Development Reference series as text; d. Online Educational and Reference:: [login to view URL] 2. Product/service(s) Description Consulting Component LGM was created for the sole purpose of providing comprehensive small business consulting products and services. The LGM Business Development Package (LGMBizPak was created and formulated to provide business owners with a complete certification. Condensed table of contents as follows: Table of Contents 1. Federal Registration Information 1.1 Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and Company Resolution 1.2 Standard Industrial Classification 2. Certifications 2.1 City and Local Government Certifications 2.2 County Government Certifications 2.3 State and National Certifications 3. Patents, Copyrights & Trademarks 4. Business License, Awards & Certificates 5. Business Plan 6. Comprehensive Proposal 7. Financial Assistance 7.1 Federal Grants & Loans 7.2 Banking 8. Educational Component a. Business Development Reference Series b. SkillPath Seminars and Workshops c. Website: [login to view URL] 9. Maintenance Component a. Business Development Reference Series b. SkillPath Seminars and Workshops c. Website: [login to view URL] d. LGM Business Development Package (LGMBizPak) 3. Marketing strategy Acting as national director, the Riverside Small Business Development Center would oversee the guidelines for the Business development package, as well would initiate changes and updates to the package. Acting as state representative, lead small business development center from each state would be responsible for packaging the product for its state following the national guideline. 4. Management strengths LGM demonstrates its Managerial strength expressing administrative and organization proficiency in its products and services. 5. Financial projections Initial financial projections are based on the 2,877+books sold for 2007; Business Development: United States Government Contracting is priced at $83.44, with the revised edition due to be released May 2010. The 2007 4th quarter working capital increase is due to personal loan. Actual Account Q1 2007 Q2 2007 Q3 2007 Q4 2007 Sales 12,946 12,976 32,477 32,014 Expenses 1,587 2,199 16,418 6,843 Debt 1,465 1,465 1,465 1,465 Salary 9,000 9,000 15,000 15,000 Working Capital 894 282 52,564 8,706 Totals 0 0 0

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