A Novel and Smart IoT System for Real Time Agriculture Appli

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In this paper, we have designed an IoT system for real time agriculture application with IaaS cloud architecture. Overall system design involves, preparation of six Wi-Fi enabled sensor nodes, design of server with In this agriculture sector, to improve the database including dedicated IP,, for visualization we have designed an application with data processing ability, finally all section’s are interfaced to create eventual agriculture IoT system. In the first phase, we have designed six Wi-Fi enabled sensor node’s each node is connected with five sensor’s i.e., temperature, humidity, pH, pressure and flow sensors. Each sensor is connected to ARM11 processor with 1GHz clock speed.in second phase, created server with predefined database. Database is generalized as a organizing the collection of data. This database which is created, only authorized persons are allowed to access the database. Database can be created by using the mysql which is an oracle backed.