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I'm not going to win awards for my skills in graphic design, my skills almost wholly revolve writing. However, I may be able to create a few concept designs with photoshop or fill in should an urgent graphic piece need work.

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Hi there, I'm Jared Sheldon, originally from Melbourne, Australia but now reside in Bangkok, Thailand. I'm a journalist and operate successful travel news website here in Thailand, which is basically how I came up with the concept of my niche on Freelancer. While there's hundreds of people out there who can design webpage or say that they can get you on the first page of Google,my aim is to provide a realistic solution that not only SEO-enriched, but material that gains the trust of readers ad ultimately brings in travellers at the end of the day. While SEO may help in getting clients to the site, it doesn't help convert. Now that's where you need someone who is a master of communicating to effectively pass on your message to the clients. Now that's where you're in luck, because that's where I can help.

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