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bởi nguyenduybieu

Phut, collection of poems, Bim, Tuy Tien publishing house, Viet Nam.

image of username nguyenduybieu Flag of Vietnam Hai Ba Trung, Vietnam

Giới thiệu

Hello everybody. My name is Bieu. I live in Vietnam and often transfer among cities in my country. So I very like freelance jobs. I had worked at two mobile game company about three years. Upon these workings, I have a lots of experience to create pixel characters, icons, and emoticons. Also, I have a lots of experience to poster design, brochure design, leaflet design, menu design, logo design, illustration, business card design... Because I very like reading book, I joined to publishing with Mo Mieng (Open Mouth) and demand freedom of publishing for Vietnamese citizen. So I have experience to design book covers and book contents layout. I hope be worked with you and get lots money. Thank you for looking me. Regard ^^