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Tangra is a LGPL licensed open source framework for development of PHP5 applications. Its main target is to boost the productivity of the developers. It consist code library, modules and control center. Basic principle of TF is modularity - most of the classes that will be used directly by the users are placed into modules and just the core functionality resides in the code library. That way new module features and bug fixes can be easily distributed and end users will be able to upgrade by single click, letting modules manager to take care about the compatibility and dependencies. Quick facts: Tangra code library (TCL) is mature and stable (more than 11k lines (not commented, not empty) of pure PHP5 code, ~104 classes) Tangra modules - 70 modules HTML templates for forms and grids generators Tangra own PHP code conventions Tangra Control Center (web IDE for Tangra) - includes modules manager, site templates manager, site manager. For more info: http://www.tangraframewor

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Passionate Android and PHP developer. Regular contributor to open source projects.

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