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I am the main author and developer of this early research article of computation at the edge of chaos and order. Due to freelancer terms, I cannot provide with the article, nor even the abstract, as my identity can be traced back. But I am happy to discuss the details in private message or any other form.

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I am generally interested in, and have been involved in projects related to Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Medicine. I have good scientific thinking, and creativity, holistic viewpoints, vast experience in community management, arts. My main research interests are detailed neurobiological models of different parts and functions of the mammalian brain. I use electrophysiological and molecular biology data. Complex system theory, graphs, dynamical systems etc. are the main courses of approach for larger systems and nonlinear systems. I also often have projects that are more R&D oriented, I have experience with machine learning, statistics, optimization, as well as applying them to specific fields I have worked in: neurobiology, epidemiology, oncology, medical instrument prototyping, ecology, hydrogeology, organic agriculture.

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