Modification of Float of the Dines Pressure Tube Anemograph

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[1] Craig Millie, John Holmes, David Henderson and John Ginger, Murry Morrision. “The Response of the Dines Anemometer to Gusts and Comparision with cup Anemometer” Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology Volume 30, Issue 17 Jan 2013 ISSN 1320- [2] Borges, A. R. J., “On the frequency response of floater-type anemographs” Technica, issue 1968, 379, pp. 505-511. [3] Jeffrey D. Kepert, “Modelling of Transient Response of the Dines Anemometer”, Centre of Australian Weather and Climate Research, Bureau of Meteorology, issue 28 april 2011, 1-37. [4] E. Gold, “Modification of the float of the Dines Anemometer to increase or decrease the range of velocity”, issue 16 march 1937, pp. 373-382.

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