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Today's fast-paced life makes us compromise on a daily basis with ourselves, our families, and most of all our children's demands. Our job schedules leave us with insufficient time to spend with our children, which gives rise to an inborn guilty conscience. We console our guilty conscience by surrendering to the children's demands for high-end materialistic gifts. Though we ourselves know the pros and cons of such materialistic approach towards life, we tend not to get into arguments, which will disclose where our guilty-feeling actually lies. We are trying, on a daily basis, to keep our children distracted so that they do not really take note of our physical absence from their lives. We hope that our children will be selfless, polite, active, goal-directed, etc., in their lives but are we playing an active part in molding their future or are we playing catalysts to deviating them from being the ideal person we aspire them to be?

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Relations, health, nutrition, family ties, reviews, travel comprise the backbone of my writings. Give me a topic and let my thoughts flow.....!

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