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Southwest Printing, MD Production Artist. 1986-1987 Newspapers inserts, and print media. Production, proof reading, camera production, logos, paste up, design, and press assistance. Atlantic Equipment Company, MD Art Director 1987-1990 Art Direction for food equipment and service industry supplying service and design to Baltimore, Maryland, and Washington International Airport as well as others; Design, illustration, and corporate identity plans in-house employee material, point-of-purchase sales displays and catalogs performed all under tight deadlines and budgets. Professional management; planning, scheduling and production of annual, semi-annual catalogs and monthly flyers for food equipment and hospitality industry. Point-of-purchase material and material for seminars, conventions and other material for corporate identity campaigns and public relations. Coordination of schedules and production work, working with sales personnel for product pricing, copy, editing, proofreading, along with other company personnel involved in this production process. Worked with food display photographers when needed in house, typing, copy writing, editing, designing, logos, camera work, paste up, liaison for outside print production and getting bids for printing, and overseeing press runs for color correctness, content, and final product. Created employee handbooks and OSHA guides, and variety of materials for sales department, and point-of-purchase material. Brought all media and production under tight time constraints and worked within a company where all employees are tightly woven and cohesive within all other facets of the organization. (Company dissolved and diversified into separate ownership.) Tri Mark, Inc., DE Production Artist1991-1994 Production for direct mail advertisements; Proofreading, editing, computer graphics design, changes and corrections of advertisements for customers for pre-press operations, diagnosing computer issues and software problems, bugs, converting files, file storage. Quark XPress, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, PageMaker, and most other graphics software programs for any necessary conversions to other files. (Filed chapter 11 several times) Freelance 1989 - 2010 Boy Scouts, Maryland Flyers and meeting documents Selma Taylor, Taylor Design and Signs Helped with all computer graphics, typing, editing, proofreading, and a catalog Computer graphics, typing, design for books, including Central Florida for Free Confidential books continuing education in nursing and medical data; Pain Management in Elderly (and the nursing staff) Freelance for local printing companies for material such as; Delaware little leagues catalogs, books, and other material Business cards, typing, and OSHA materials, safety workbooks and worksheets Print Shack, MD Production and Design Artist 1992-1993 Creative graphic design, typing, proof reading, editing, using QuarkXPress, Illustrator, other software programs for Books, technical books for industry, creative small booklets for ice cream shops to small jobs and business cards. (Some serious murder/corruption linked to owner) Times Herald Newspaper, MD Art Director Administrator 1992-1994 Semi-weekly newspaper bringing feature articles and news stories around the area in Parkville, Maryland working with editors and journalists. Performed tight production scheduling, planning, and office administration, for production of weekly newspaper; maintaining cohesive communication required for production with journalists reporting on community events and news, editors, sales associates for classified advertising; typing and graphic design, printer liaison and oversee final press runs for color, quality and correctness. (later bought out) Tri Mark, Inc., DE (above) Production Artist Green Tree Press, DE 1994 Production Artist, temporary while attending college Pre-press creative work for clientele for high-end artists lithographic reproductions to business brochures, documents ; internet communications for customer orders, typing, conversion of files from customer to graphics design programs, graphic design, typing, editing, proof reading, camera and producing litho plates, to final print. Use of most popular creative programs including QuarkXPress, PageMaker, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, and Word. Priority and tight deadlines for making illustrators, and artists, or corporations media fine print. Delaware Nurses Association (Non-profit) 1994 October-1996 May Assistant to Executive Director and Catalog Production Work consisted of maintaining and increasing Delaware Nurse Membership with membership drives, monthly Newsletters and other material for continuing education seminars with computer graphics software, copywriting, typing and design, databases, direct mailing, and working with outside printers for comparison pricing and press runs. Office Administration for Executive Director, and 12 committees, meetings and minutes, other typing needs and file management; Event planning for Continuing Education for RN’s and educational material and binders, signs, speaker presentations, name badges, displays, planning of layout of booths and vendors/merchandisers. (Worked at home some months after childbirth) Delaware Violent Crimes Board, DE 1997 (Temporary agency help) processing applications for violent crime, sexual abuse, crimes on children and Other Temporary work University of Delaware 1998-2000 Assistant to Director for the Administrar Brought timely media for New Student Prospectus’ and New Student brochures, pamphlets, material for New Student Orientation seminars, maps of campus, creative typing and design ideas, and some Alumni publications; work involving creative design using QuarkXpress, other creative software, Word, Microsoft software, databases, networking, scheduling, planning, work as liaison with other campus departments, information, to printing and pre-press; cost comparisons, along with outside photography collections departments and setting up campus photography sessions with students, liaise with off-campus contracted artists, and typing, conferencing and work with other art departments, design to final product with printer. Office administration and database work for freshman applicants at timed intervals during the week, phone calls for special consideration for mailings or questions from parents or prospective students, office administration and working with other staff for labeling, sorting, direct mailing. Attended webpage design classes and worked under tight deadlines to complete projects that are informative.

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