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Portfolio The ultimate Twitter tool! TweetingMachine processes tens of thousands of tweets, friends and follower requests, RSS feeds per day, generating statistics on the fly. Written using PHP, MySQL, the Kohana framework, using ActiveMQ and nginx, hosted on Linux.

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Are you struggling to find a web developer who understands you and your business? If you've ever hired a web developer in the past, you know how hard it can be to find one who's reliable -- someone who knows how to take a problem and solve it! And even if you find the right talent, you soon discover that they don't understand you and your business. And without an understanding of both your business and the core problems you're trying to solve, the risk that your project will fail skyrockets. -- Don't gamble your hard earned money when hiring a web developer. What if you hired a seasoned web developer who was not only trustworthy and reliable, but knows that you don't just want code written... But that you need to make a positive return on your investment? That you want to make your business better off than it is today? What if this person learned about your business, got to the root of why you're looking for a developer, and applied their knowledge of the web to solve this problem? What if you could hire an ally, a partner, and not just a hired gun? -- I want to partner with you. My name is Thomas Buck, and I'm a web developer. But I'm also a business owner. I've built my company and reputation on trust, hard work, and results. I want to learn about you, your company, and what you want tomorrow to look like for your business. Together, we'll put together a plan of action that realizes that tomorrow, divided into specific milestones.

$1000 USD/Giờ