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We, Webmedia Professionals would want to articulate our exposure to the world of web technologies, something indifferently than others in the way of focusing myself not as a mere software developer but maintaining the true essence of quality of deliverable in given and quick timelines as a part of product release. To me, a product release means a way to get a stable working software. Simple look at the build number for a released product, if the last two numbers are Zero after the last dot, it is not the right time to upgrade from the previous version, which a customer will currently have. The better one would be when product makes updates of the release and the build number reflects a decent version number. Well the âEURoedecentâEUR depends on the way. What makes the difference on the build number? As soon as a software gets released Customers download a free version of the software or even buy them and install at their working environment. For some it works like a charm, for some âEURoethe hell freezes overâEUR. This does not mean that the software is not tested on different working environments, it is just that very few test bed opportunity happens or few environmental simulation happens, and adding fuel to the fire - customer environment may have different hardware to software and some software may actually have conflict with the newly installed ones. So the development team gets the feedback fixes the bugs and make a update of the release. So does the Build number change for any product? One more other way to ascertain that the product is stable, is to look at the forums of the product or any other public forums if available. Look for number of recent issues, bugs being reported. If it is moderately low, It means you have \'decent\' version out there for you to install. Kindly note: We assume that the product is fairly known to the outside world. We are not only concerned about creating a site that will look zigzag for an end-user functioning end-to-end and download files of size (~100 MB) which will take only a minute to bundle the files up into a .zip file that my browser automatically downloaded or you have a ton of files, you can choose to get an email when the .zip file is ready. We look into the reliability, durability and portability of a system as a free-lance developer which will certify, the standard guidelines for a six-sigma certification. We are looking for a more generic sort of accounts and want to re-invent myself in the fantom of creation of CSS Templates, Php-Fusion Themes, Web Templates, CMS Templates and OS Commerce and Zencart Templates. We have an intense desire to be a team of good enough programmers and designers to ship code, along with modelling a unit testing script, to swirl around With proven technologies along with a zeal to adopt the new, and apply a combination of both that will integrate the utilities with a Better turn-around result and in very short duration. We will vest on you guys now, to give us an opportunity to prove our worth in the Field of Information Technology and Computer Science.

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