Brochure: Remote Monitoring systems for corrosion control

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Brochure design for Web-Based Wireless Remote Monitoring systems for the Oil & Gas, Utility, and Water/Wastewater Industries The Elecsys Pipeline Watchdog product line is a complete M2M solution for turn-key, web-based wireless remote monitoring systems for the oil, gas, irrigation, water/wastewater, and similar industries, providing the most reliable asset monitoring systems for deployment in remote and difficult field conditions anywhere in the world.

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I am a dynamic and enthusiastic electrical engineer with six years of professional experience, with excellent English language skills, good group management and interpersonal relations, attitude to work harmoniously as a team, high level of responsibility and proactive in developing processes, ease to appropriate new knowledge and ability to communicate ideas and concepts with skills areas: Systems for Cathodic Protection Remote Monitoring Devices including design, installation and commissioning of cathodic protection rectifiers, Electro-Mechanical Assemblies, Industrial Maintenance, Printed Circuit Design One and Two Faces, Process Automation, Electro, Industrial Electronics, Electronic Instrumentation, sensors, PLC Programming, and Design of Graphical User Interfaces for Data Acquisition and Control.

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