Photograph: Confederate Casualties January 5, 1863

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Photograph:  Confederate Casualties January 5, 1863

This photograph is from a film, "My Dearest Judith," that I wrote, produced, directed, did special effects, sound, wardrobe, music, and research for. The film premiered in London at the Soho Shorts Film Festival as part of the Straight 8 Film Competition. We recreated a specific Civil War battle for the film and attempted to recreate photographic images that replicated original Civil War battlefield photographs. I built several reproduction style cameras based on available film stock, as well as one that utilized a glass plate coated with chemicals as close to original formulas as possible. Modern digital images were also taken to determine if we could use special effects to accurately recreate period imagery. The staged photographs have been released as part of the "War is Hell" series and a spin off line of note cards was created for historical societies and museums.

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