Image Mosaic Maker in C++/OpenCV/Qt

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Program for creating mosaics out of a large number of small images that resemble some larger image. It works in four stages: 1. Load the larger image and possibly indicate with a brush what portions of it are supposed to be replaced with a mosaic. 2. Divide the large image into a regular or irregular grid where each cell of the grid has the average color of all the pixels in the given area. Optionally specify borders between cells. 3. Load a number of small images that are to be used for the mosaic. 4. Generate the resulting mosaic.

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Hi, I have over 10 years of experience in computer programming, mainly in the C, C++ and C# languages. I can write programs for Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Android. My main areas of expertise: - object oriented programming - algorithms and data structures - 2D and 3D computer graphics programming (OpenGL, GLSL, SDL, Ray Tracing) - creating simple computer games - image processing (OpenCV) and multimedia applications - creating applications with graphical user interfaces (Microsoft Visual Studio, Qt) - web automation (Selenium) - HTML + CSS + JavaScript - theoretical computer science and math I also have a good knowledge of the English language and can translate texts from English to Czech or vice versa.

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