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    ...parent. The number of levels is capped at 3. Each comments sub-comments is collapsed by default, and a control(like an arrow) is used to show and hide those sub-comments. Pressing reply to a comment opens a new page where there's a new big multi-line input field for the reply, and an excerpt from the replied-to comment shows at the top, or the whole

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    Project Quality Control Ticket system with: Mobile Surface Log in -Auto...-Scaleable Ticket Types -Automated Mailing during multistep task progress (USER XY has Completed TASK0815) -Ticket submissions with pictures taken via mobile cam -Progress counter on Dashboard for admin -Database for evaluations - a lot more stuff i could tell you in a call.

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    Photoshop tiles onto counter 5 ngày left

    Hi There, I could like to photoshop these tiles to scale onto this counter. Small square on left hand bottom corner indicated tile size. 4 different colour tile options [đăng nhập để xem URL] [đăng nhập để xem URL]

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    someone expert on Microcontrollers 5 ngày left

    ...binary numbers of at most 16 bits should be entered into the program. Number entries must be made with button A. Binary 0 should be distinguished by short pressing button A and binary 1 by long pressing button A. • Numbers should be able to be added or subtracted. It should be possible to select which of the addition or subtraction operations will be performed/displayed

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    Fix Referral link and connect pages to DB 4 ngày left

    The referral link code was working well somehow the code was disturbed and its not functioning well i need it fixed, to show username at end of...i need it fixed, to show username at end of the link and to tracks referrals. Pages are connected to DB and two are not connected i need someone experienced to connect and counter check and fix if any errors

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    1. I am looking for a rotary counter/odometer with 10 digits or more that can count up or down. 2. It must be generated in Apple Motion 3. When the counter counts down to zero, the frame and all digits will turn from black/grey to blue/white (we can discuss) 4. The starting values will change and the number of digits may change, so if possible, if

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    jjdecoart stamp perforation counter 3 ngày left

    a phone app that can photo shot a postage stamp then fit a perforation guide template and count the perforations top and side

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    NFT Solana 3 ngày left

    ...table. 3. Upload them to IPFS 4. Frontend part with connection to the wallet (Sollet and Phantom), countdown to the launch date, the ability to smoothly mint the NFT by pressing the MINT button, which will appear at the exact configured date/time. - create an nft and embed specific metadata by clicking a button on the coinage site - integrate

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    20 page review paper Writing level SCI PLAGIARISM REPORT REQUIRED (LESS THAN 15%)

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    Virtual Smart Canteen System In order to find a more affordable and functional solution, in this project, cameras are chosen for data input, and machine learning ...Intuitive UI which will help user to order food fast - React Native (frontend) | Any (backend) 2. Visualization of vacant seats using Digital Image Processing - OpenCV | People Counter .

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    ...create plugins for the game Sub Rosa. We currently use RosaServer [đăng nhập để xem URL] . We are looking for plug in development for several options such as Blind fire pressing E AK47 bullets penetrating vehicles allowing hitting object player On high speed car crash player is ejected from vehicle Limit round mode game timer to 9minutes Depending

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    android app to call my clients 2 ngày left

    Hello. We wish to develop an android app that can call our clients automatically. List of cli...app that can call our clients automatically. List of clients can be fetched from phonebook. when they pick up the call, a pre-recorded message is played. If they respond by pressing any number on keypad, action must be triggered like sending sms or email.

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    ...only monitors that we see publicly, type of screens are: - public flight screens (shows some flights in a grid as we all look when we travel somewhere) - counter screens (there are monitors on counter desks to call passengers) - gate screens (shows only our flight at the gate) - carousel screens (it can show multiple flights again at arrival airport in

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    Perpetual Protocol is a decentralized protocol for trading perpetual futures contracts. Like Uniswap, traders can trade with our vAMMs directly without the need for counter-parties. The vAMMs provide guaranteed on-chain liquidity with predictable pricing set by constant product curves. The vAMMs are also designed to be market neutral and fully collateralized

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    We are a startup, where we are wanting to use our personal api endpoints on Trad...php backend, that contains graph data, that you will use our grabData() function to get the data, from a CORS-ANYWHERE server. as on '[đăng nhập để xem URL]', pressing / shows a list of markets. Where on our backend, we want to deliver the correct data.

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    ...who wants to build an appliance for making flat breads. The device should have all process steps starting from ingredients storing, mixing, dough making, dough ball making, pressing, heating on plate, transferring bread on to the burner, cooking on direct fire by flipping upside down, moving the cooked bread to the disposal door. The appliance should

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    1. Looking for Word Counter Application with complete Folder Path as an output in excel file 2. We also need data processing application. The files like jpg, jpeg, png, pdf etc should be converted into a proprietry format and can only be viewed with the data processing application.

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    need a circuit design for my project 8 giờ left

    ...possible circuit should provide a way for the user to set time the design should fit in a wearable wrist band design should allow two modes 1. Always on LED 2. LEDs will turn on pressing button and turn off after 2 sec Deliverables --------------------- 1. BOM file 2. Schematic file 3. Gerber file 4. Pick and place file 5. Document explain how to write code

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    Trophy icon viewer app or excel 3 ngày left

    ...which I can turn on off When I click load the image will pop out in my screen and take 80% of the screen. I will close the image by either pressing an assigned shortkey or clicking anywere on screen Finally I should be able to assigne macros on any combination. For example I have a gaming

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