[Warrior TV] How to Build a 6-Figure Software Company Like Spencer Haws

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Do you want to build your own software business but don’t know exactly where to start? Spencer Haws, owner of LongTailPro.com, will share how he built his 6-figure bootstrapped software business on our Warrior TV event this Thursday, October 1, 7PM EST.

Watch Spencer’s video invitation in this link.

About Spencer Haws

Spencer owns dozens of niche websites where he earns a full-time income by monetizing the sites through Google Adsense and Amazon Associates. After building so many websites, Spencer realized the need for a better and faster keyword research tool. In 2011, he created the solution to his own problem -- the tool called Long Tail Pro. This tool is the #1 keyword research and competitor analysis software used by thousands of marketers and SEO specialists worldwide.

Since Spencer likes trying out various business ideas, he created the blog NichePursuits.com to help others who are looking into the same ventures. Through blogs and podcasts, Spencer shares what he’s learning about SEO and making valuable businesses online.

Ask Spencer Anything

If you have questions about starting your own software company, this Warrior TV event with Spencer is the best time to get useful tips and insights. These are some topics you can derive questions from:

  • Brainstorming for great software ideas
  • How to validate your idea so your business doesn't fail before it starts
  • How to hire great developers
  • How to grow a bootstrapped software business
  • How to hire support staff
  • Anything SEO, keyword research, or content marketing related

Don’t forget to tune in at Warrior Forum on Thursday, Oct. 1, 7PM EST. Click this link to register for this event and submit your question for Spencer Haws.

About Warrior TV: Warrior Ask Me Anything Events: Hosted by Warrior Forum,Warrior Ask Me Anything (WAMA) events are Q&A video interviews where the world’s top Internet Marketers and entrepreneurs share their strategies that have helped them become industry icons.

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