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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

• I am looking for 3x killer Titles & Descriptions for our website as to why people should choose us/our service.
• Each description should be 30-40 words in length.
• Unrealistic descriptions (lies) like “We are the best & biggest” etc. etc. will summerly be rejected.
• If you want to mention a specific something of something, but need some answers, then I am happy to help.

About us:
• CleaningNZ is not a cleaning business, neither a recruitment agency, but a Job Board to bring Employees and Employers together in a place where we all speak the same language - Cleaning!
• Our focus are on all the cleaning industries - Commercial, Domestic, Industrial, General and Housekeeping Industries.
• We provide our service throughout Auckland only (Auckland is the biggest city in New Zealand).

What makes us different?
• We are the only Job Board in Auckland (and in New Zealand for that matter) that are dedicated to solve staffing issues in the cleaning industries.
• We are the only platform that are using an easy, sufficient & practical Google map integrated system to allow employees to see exactly where the jobs are and how far away it is from them.
• Employers can post their jobs for FREE, for a limited time only.

You will find the current dummy text on the home page of the website under “Why CleaningNZ”, which will stay the main title.

If you want to know more:

If you want to know anything that has not been discussed, feel free to contact me, on Freelancer only.

All 3 descriptions needs to be entered as 1 entry and be presented on 1 page please.
The competition will not be cut off before the expiry date.

Thank you in advance

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“Diane has a great level of English writing skills and communication. She was the winner of my contest out of 84 Freelancers. Well done! Thank you!”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ Blauw143, New Zealand.

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