Create a Wordpress Template for a RETRO look website for wanting to BUY Gramophone Needle Tins.

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I want to create a new website/Wordpress template (not just a mock up) to be hosted on Wordpress. Its a simple 2 page site. One landing page and one contact page with the function that allows photographs to be uploaded. The site will be in JAPANESE. I have provide the text below.

The INTENT of this site is to advertise for the BUYING of antique gramophone needle tins and have sellers email a description of their goods and a picture.

The landing page will be static and it needs to be something graphic. The overall look is to be something retro. In terms of images I like the look of a close up old gramophone stylus on a spinning record. I have attached some examples downloaded on line of the sort of image I mean. You do not have to use these. I have included a picture of a Japanese lady listening to a gramophone - THIS MUST BE USED. Here is a Drop Box link to a number of coloured photos of needle tins which cannot be used for any other purpose other than this project.

[login to view URL]

These can be cut out to be set against any background and made any size. You can also cut out just parts of the images if you like. Their real size is about the size of a matchbox or approx. 3 x 5 cm. I like the effect of the coloured tins against perhaps a sepia or black/white style background but that's up to you. There are many pics online of gramophones, portable gramophones, toy gramophones, gramophone sound boxes etc, etc.

The following text MUST appear on the landing page.

The page title is:

The other text on the page is: (It basically says wanted to buy, tins & collections, please contact us with your photo)

Then there needs to be a CONTACT button which links to the contact page.

On the 2nd (Contact) page there can be any graphics of your choice. The fields for the contact form need to be:

Name (Required)
Email Address (Required)
Phone Number (Optional)
Prefecture (Optional)
Description of your items
Upload File
Do you speak English (yes or no option)

These titles will be in Japanese in the final design so you can convert them if you wish or I will change them once the final design winner is selected.

I DONT NEED any other functions (no Facebook, no blogging etc)

I have also attached a copy of a mock up of a post card which will be mailed to antique dealers to promote the website.

The final design/template must be capable of being loaded onto Wordpress to become an active website. The URL of the website is [login to view URL]

If you have any questions please ask.


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