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Hello, I'm working on a platform puzzle game inspired by Oddworld (the ps1 game), and strange things, where the protagonist can change dimension to solve the puzzle and escape hazards.
I created few assets already and I'm looking for someone that can help me to create few more character species to expand and improve this alien universe

I made a Pinterest board to get inspiration
the game I'm working on it is inspired by Oddworld
you can see their reference here:

the character can be an enemy a creature/alien that lives in that world, the game story is not fully settled yet so it gives space to your imagination to create something unique that fit the theme

the character has to fit the current design :
current design:

let me know if any other information is necessary

current design:

the theme of those levels are laboratory since the protagonist is escaping from it, you can create any other character that could fit this universe, the sprite can be 48x48 or higher if you can animate them that's a plus but not mandatory.

Story prologue that can be used for inspiration:
In another universe, the [Gunkol] an oppressive alien race has control over the world.
They believe to be the supreme race and took advantage of the other creatures' skills for personal use, some have been captured as slaves, some become part of their food chain and someone else are constantly used for experiments to make their race's evolution process as fast as possible to the perfect race.

In one of the [Gunkol] laboratory used for extreme mental experimentation,where drastic and cruel method were used to push the mental power of the creature to their limit with the only scope of extracting and collect dna to be used on future breeding experiments, the laboratory as many other is managed by the [Evoph] a devoted race to the [Gunkol] not interest on government power as such but much more on the science with a side of sadism by seeing other creature suffer, those characteristic made them perfect workers for those tasks allowing the [Gunkol] to focus more on other important matters and let them do the dirty work.

In the middle of an experiment aimed to enhance telepathic powers an innocent [Eken] named [Filt] unlock a gateway to another dimension using his telepathic powers, (not a common skill for an [Eken]) due to strange experiments that has been run on [Flit] in the past, have somehow evolve him to something much more than a common [Eken].
The gateway had been open for a few seconds but what they could see there made them excited due to their natural curiosity and ambition for the science progress, part of the documentation of that day went destroyed so that they could keep this secret from the [Gunkol] until they knew more on how to reproduce and stabilise the gateway.

From that point [Flit] became a really valuable subject for the [Evoph] and the tests became more and more painful for him, so much that he would rather go back to his slave condition rather than support this one more time.
Those feelings made his powers strangers, so much that he been able to open the portal one more time but this time something come out from it and made the laboratory on an emergency status, this allowed [Flit] to escape the room and give him an opportunity to seek his freedom....

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  • HauntingPixels
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    update #37 , please check

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  • HauntingPixels
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    mine #31 , please check

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    please check #18

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  • markjundatu05
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    dear contest holder, yes i can do it less mechanical

    • cách đây 4 tháng
  • pawangupta940
    • cách đây 4 tháng

    Hi there Contest Holder, #9 and #10 are a copy of Metroid Nightmare. See it here:

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    1. markjundatu05
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      i legitimately don't know that it came from there, I just get some reference pins from the link that the contest holder gave, my bad, i'm so sorry

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  • degragame
    Chủ cuộc thi
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    Hello, everything between 48x48 and 64x64 will be good
    thank you!

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  • yusaldy
    • cách đây 5 tháng

    Dear Contest Holder,
    May I know the graphic resolution you need for the character?
    Thank you very much.

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