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The WeMessageSafe app (beta download at [login to view URL]) is a messaging platform to reduce temptations caused by smartphones and keep you focused on the road. Using years of best practices and built-in analytics from the implementation of Associate PLEDGE, we developed the WeMessageSafe app to help drivers concentrate on the road while effortlessly letting contacts know that you are driving and will get back to them soon.

WeMessageSafe is currently available in beta, but we are about to do a full launch soon. Therefore, we need re-skinning of three app screens AND a splash page when the app launches on the phone:

1) Splash screen for app - Incorporate the WeMessageSafe logo

2) Message list - The background of this screen should be black, as it minimizes battery use. Also include the following buttons to this screen: Not Driving, Compose Message, Invite Friend, and Settings.

3) Chat screen - This background should also be black. Currently in the top bar, the person's name will be red if the message recipient is driving, and the name will be green if it is safe to send a message. Because this is kind of vague, am open to a button or message that tells message sender that it is ok or not okay to send a message to recipient.

In addition, the message balloon currently will display red if you send a message to someone and they are unable to receive it because they are driving. If recipient is not driving, the message that you sent will show green. Yellow is message received from recipient/driver.

Send Alert button is a stand alone button to get the attention of the driver/recipient. It will play a loud peacock screeching noise, that will tell the driver to pull over because there is an emergency message.

4) Compose message screen - Background should be black, and the look should be in the same style as #2 (Message list) and #3 (Chat screen).

The three screen we currently use and the WeMessageSafe logo are attached. As you can see, it needs some finesse to align with iOS and Android Lollipop's Material Design interfaces. It should be clean, modern, and the user interface should be very straight forward.

All of the files should be submitted in PSD format.

Please feel free to ask me anything you need to get the best work! I'm looking forward to everyone's designs!

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“Very professional and was able to capture our corporate requirements and brand.”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ jessicashin, United States.

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