Redesign UX For AI Platform

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I am looking for a UX designer to redesign 1 or 2 of the core pages of an AI platform's user interface. I am happy with the overall design, but I believe that UX (user experience) needs some improvement. Our primary goal is to improve user satisfaction with the platform and make sure that users can easily understand how to generate content (copy and art). The ideal candidate will have experience with UX design and be able to provide creative solutions for improving the user experience. Designer should be familiar with AI platforms and how they work to best suggest the best UX.

Link to work in progress wireframe:

Back up of Figma File:

I am looking to redesign the core pages that are labeled: Toolkit General (at the bottom) And THEN, ImageGenerator4. This ToolKit General is a part of the 'Text to Copy' section. The other page is a part of the Text To Art page. This is the most urgent core pages that will need to be redesigned to improve experience. Once this is finalized, the rest of the site will be done in a similar manner.

Toolkit General:
On this page, CURRENTLY, when user goes to the page, only the field on the top left (What Are You Writing) will show. When user selects that, the the next field will show (what platform the content is being written for), then the 3rd field (the 3rd field should be labeled: Title/Subject (not Interactive Learning)...after that user will see and select keywords.

The add on options will appear after user selects the 4 options. This will allow users to add additional elements (like SEO) with the generation they're working on. Below that, they will see a summary of all the prompts and elements they selected.

The toolkit are features that will be available for users based on which type of AI tool they're creating. The toolkit should be an option user can select to assist them in creating their prompt. but they will also have an option for a more simple prompt creation option. User is also able to upload art , the system reads the image and writes a short description and keywords, which will then be populated in the text to copy pages to create content for the picture they uploaded.

The buttons at the top that say: fun zone, open toolkit, mental health zone are just platesetters for future phases of the project.

Please start with the text to copy page. The goal is to streamline the process and have it be the best workflow and User Experience for an AI platform.

I would consider having the designer work on additional pages that need to be done if the right candidate wins the contest.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you

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“Great job so far. Very talented designer with good communication. Thanks for working with me to reimagine my vision for this project. I am confident that the project looks a lot better after the work. ”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ dprinting, United States.

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  • shahil605
    • cách đây 3 tháng

    Hi, please check entry #7 I have make it simpler avoiding users to scroll to provide inputs

    • cách đây 3 tháng
  • aminansar
    • cách đây 3 tháng

    Hi can you seal the contest please so that no one can copy designs of others? #sealed

    • cách đây 3 tháng
  • ksurat
    • cách đây 3 tháng

    Hello contest holder, I have a question on how do you want the prompt automation work, kindly send me a message.

    • cách đây 3 tháng
  • daveasu
    • cách đây 3 tháng

    please extend....

    • cách đây 3 tháng
  • ksurat
    • cách đây 3 tháng

    Dear contest holder, kindly check my entry #13 , and go to this link

    • cách đây 3 tháng
  • MartinKleinn
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    • cách đây 3 tháng
  • sk1354607
    • cách đây 3 tháng

    I can only design, can't code, can i participate?

    • cách đây 3 tháng

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