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I came up with this idea a while ago but I am just a college student with no money.

This is similar to a pyramid scheme but is NOT a pyramid scheme.

heres how it would work.

A professional website would be made.

Users would sign up with the website for $8 and would in return could make their own

profile with their name, picture etc. They would also receive a list of 7 names with theirs at the bottom.

They would then recruit seven people minimum and they would sign up using this persons referral code.

These people who sign up through that person would basically be paying $1 to each of the 7 names on the list and $1 to the website.

In return they receive a profile, and a list with everyone ahead of them bumping up a spot, the top person falling off and they would be at number 7. Number 6 would now be the person who sent this to them.

This has been attempted in chain letters and the reason it fails is because people A) never pay the people they are suppose to and B) they just simply add themselves to a list, move everyone up and recruit in hopes that people will pay them.

This would all be 100% automated. You sign up for $8 and that is the ONLY way to see a list let alone get on one. The $8 would also be distributed to the correct accounts automatically. This keeps people from not paying AND keeps people from adding themselves to a list without paying.

The reason 'pyramid schemes' fail is because they don't bump off the top person.

They have the top people stay at the top and they are the only ones to make money.

The people at the bottom never move up and are virtually screwed. As this continues you will also eventually run out of people.

The beauty of my idea is that there are 7 spots:

1) alex

2) john

3) pat

4) christian

5) joe

6) matt

7) colby

When I sign up, alex will get bumped off the list, john will become number 1, pat will become number 2, etc and I will become number 7.

You see, everyone cycles through at every position. There is also no running out of people because you can do this as many times as you want. Recruiting people is what keeps this working and people would recruit their friends, family members etc. $8 is a very small amount to risk so I believe many people would be willing to try it.

It works exponentially.

I recruit 7 people who will then recruit 7 people each.

Thats 7 + 49... 56 people

Those 49 people will recruit 7 people each... thats 343 more.

Each time my name gets bumped up a spot.

Eventually 823,000 (roughly) people will have me at the number 1 spot, pay me $1 and then I will officially be off that specific list. I can do this as many times as I want and just continue to get on lists, as long as I pay the $8.

Now I believe this is genius however I am not sure if it is legal. Pyramid schemes are illegal but this is NOT a pyramid scheme. People are also not being promised to pay money and receive a huge sum. It would be stated that there is no guarantee.

This is 100% on them to recruit people to keep this working. They also 'receive' a list and a profile when they pay so they are not just dishing out money for nothing but a hope at some system working.

The legality and the making of the website are the two biggest factors besides the funding.

I would like to reiterate that I am a college student with no money so please do not bid saying you can do this for $2k or whatever unless you understand that I couldn't pay this until the site made money.

I would have no problem setting a percentage of profits for x amount of months or setting a number such as 10k if the website is that profitable etc...


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