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Real Estate Owner-Developer Title Defence Lawyer

I am looking for a Real Estate Lawyer about to go through the Statement of position for Appeal against my unlawful eviction within the Residential Tenancy Board as I live in a Strata of which as a Landlord of whom bought my property by way of a Cash- for keys transaction. As the property would be Remorgaged in 2010 at the same time as it was sold as a Forclosure with a Mexican Family inside it! I am looking for a Lawyer able to organize everything that's happened and is happneing at a level of being able to use more of the Strata Property Act while going through the documents of which is being worked on, and adding the various support documents within the Folder of documents that's been developed. From building the statement of financial position, going through the Title at the time of assumption, building how much has been invested from purchase, to renovations, to design, I am looking for someone thats able to argue and put together as well as read the documents in a way of creating service documents that can be providing to a letigation lawyer of whom is able to read it to represent me as an investor in Court. As there was a ceiling damage as well of which impacted my wages; of which they've now used the Residential Tenancy Board to forcefully remove me by way of a Baillif. I'm looking to really get a strong Lawyer able to argue for my title and the need to be added to the Council within living in my property since it was allegedly sold with a range of documents I want strong inside within work that was done in exchange of free rent, work carried out by my corporation and everything required within going through responses from the Residential Tenancy Board. As I have a Corporation of which my business equipment has been impacted by this unlawful eviction, I'm looking for someone able to work diligently as this is a Case of racism within which no one should be homeless during a Pandemic especially for a range of reasons that are not sincere! I believe I should be added on title and looking for advocacy!


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while more articles is being published on the subject matter you are being added to the internal documents within being able to go through the various documents organizing them, adding table of contents and making it a well developed document of position.

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